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What type of netting do I need for my sport?
Baseball #21, #36, #42, #72 twine size with a 1-3/4” square or diamond mesh. Our nets are bonded knotted nylon, UV resistant and water repellent. Orders can be processed raw with no border or with a black rope border. It is an excellent training partner for your spring training session and to protect your spectators, vehicles, or nearby windows from those high-flying foul balls.
Golf #15, #21, #18 twine size with a 3/4” or 1” diamond or square mesh. Our professional quality DuPont™ nylon golf nets are superior to any golf net on the market. It has an optional rope border and is sold by the square foot.
Hockey #21, #36, #72 twine size with a 1-3/4” diamond or square mesh. Pro Net II Custom Cut Knotless Nylon Mesh for protecting spectators within the hockey arena setting. Hockey arena netting is high strength and crafted specifically for that use. All netting includes a rope border and has a breaking strength of 155lbs. per mesh.
Lacrosse #21 twine size with 3/4” square mesh. Our lacrosse netting will hold up to nearly any speed you can throw. It is lightweight and easy to install with a rope border. All custom panels have a choice of no border, a webbing border with grommets, or a black nylon rope border.