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Crop Protection Netting for Fruits, Vegetables and More

Our crop protection netting helps to keep birds and other fruit-eating pests away from your precious crops. These nets can cover entire bushes to stop those pesky critters from eating up your bounties.

Light-duty crop protection netting is light enough to go directly on your bushes or plants. On the other hand, heavy-duty crop protection netting is intended to be stretched over a large area with suspension ropes or cables.

Crop Protection Netting Details

  • Cost-effective
  • Weather-resistant
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Humane
  • UV-stabilized
  • Long-lasting
  • Improves crop yields
  • Easy-to-cut
Blueberry Netting

Light-Duty Crop Protection Netting

Because it is lightweight, this netting is appropriate for use in gardens. However, light-duty crop protection nets also have the strength to stretch over enclosures and frames. There are two options for mesh sizing, with the larger size being suitable for larger pests.

Product Codes: LDCPN-39-13, LDCPN-79-141, LDCPN-79-145, LDCPN-79-141k, LDCPN-79-145k, LDCPN-79-157

Light Duty Crop Protection Netting
Mesh Size Roll Size Color Price Buy
.39" x .47" 13' x 820' Green $954.05 Add To Cart
.79" x .79" 14' x 100' Black $198.17 Add To Cart
.79" x .79" 14' x 500 Black $516.96 Add To Cart
.79" x .79" 14' x 1,000' Black $934.99 Add To Cart
.79" x .79" 14' x 5,000' Black $3,661.94 Add To Cart
.79" x .79" 15.5' x 700' Black $716.65 Add To Cart

Heavy-Duty Crop Protection Netting

When hung from frames, suspension cables or greenhouse structures, these nets can cover large areas. This makes them ideal for vineyards and orchards. Heavy-duty crop protection netting is the strongest we offer to protect against birds.

Product Codes: HDCPN-14, HDCPN-17

Heavy Duty Crop Protection Netting
Mesh Size Roll Size Color Price Buy
.63" x .75" Black 14' x 5,000' $3,437.63 Add To Cart
.63" x .75" Black 17' x 5,000' $4,655.23 Add To Cart

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