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What is Snow Fence

Snow fence is designed to reduce wind speed, which causes the snow to fall behind the snow fence barrier. This is ideal for creating a smooth snow drift. There are various types of snow fence that range from economical to heavy duty and from plastic snow fence to wooden snow fence. Snow fence has many use-advantages such as:

  • Barrier against drifting snow
  • Snow protection for buildings and roads
  • Provides safety conditions and is highly visible for drivers
  • Reduces wind speed
  • Reusable
  • Doesn’t rust or weaken when exposed to extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to move and store
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable

Types of Snow Fence

Snow fence comes in many different colors, duties, and materials. Two of the most popular materials are plastic snow fence and wooden snow fence.

Plastic Snow Fence

The most popular material for snow fence is plastic and is available in economy or heavy duty plastic snow fence.

  • Economy plastic snow fence is the ideal solution for protecting large areas that don’t see too much extreme weather and is the most cost effective solution.
  • Heavy duty plastic snow fence contain rigid vertical strips, which gives the plastic fence high rigidity and requires less fence posts.

Wooden Snow Fence

Wooden snow fence contains wooden slats that are held together by 5 strands of 14-gauge of twisted wire and provides and easy installation when trying to prevent snow drift and wind.

Snow Fence Installation

The main benefit of snow fence is the ease of installation. We have provided a full snow fence installation guide to help you properly install your snow fence.

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