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What is Decorative Steel Netting?

Used in commercial settings, decorative metal netting bridges safety and sophistication. Being stylish and practical, this stainless steel netting can enhance any architectural design.

Decorative stainless steel netting contains cable and ferrules to create a steel wire mesh. Decorative steel netting is a seamless webbing alternative. Used to suit architectural guardrail systems, this product is an ideal choice.

The stainless steel material in decorative fencing can create a solid vertical barrier. Designed to prevent pedestrians from falling whenever applied to a railing or edge. To meet safety and aesthetic needs, our decorative metal netting is right for you.

Properties of stainless steel allow for decorative steel netting to withstand corrosive environments. Additionally, this netting is suitable for severe weather conditions.

The lightweight design allows for use in both two and three dimensions. Our decorative steel net is adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use, with many practical benefits. Benefits include easy installation, high tensile strength, flexible decorative wire mesh, and a sustainable product.

This product is effective for many uses:

  • Balustrade in-fills
  • Horizontal or vertical protection
  • Dividers
  • Façade on a storefront
  • Railings on stairways
  • Railings on bridges
  • Residential and commercial balconies
  • Commercial use
  • Safety barriers with cable mesh

Types of Decorative Steel Netting

Light Duty Decorative Steel Netting

Light Duty Decorative Steel Netting adds aesthetic appeal to any architectural structure. This product effectively adds a façade to any storefront or applied as a divider.

Medium Duty Decorative Steel Netting

Medium Duty Decorative Steel Netting is practical for indoor and outdoor use on railings or balconies.

Heavy Duty Decorative Steel Netting

Heavy Duty Decorative Steel Netting is the solution for elevated bridges, outdoor railings, and staircases.

How to Attach Wire Mesh Net to Posts:


  • Stainless steel wire mesh
  • Cable for border
  • 2 types of ferrules
  • Lashing cord
  • Cable cutter
  • Turnbuckles on each installation corner
  • Turnbuckle wrench

Step One: After gathering your supplies and team to install the net, measure the mesh panel of the net that you have.

Step Two: Trim mesh along the ferrules to desired size.

Step Three: Thread stainless steel aircraft cable through mesh opening every other hole along the border.

Step Four: Using the cable, make loops at each corner using either swaged or saddle clips.

Step Five: Attach loops to turnbuckle on secure posts.

Step Six: Tighten the turnbuckle on each supporting end.

Step Seven: Finish the remaining center edges with two ferrules.

Step Eight: Thread the lashing cord through the edges and wrap around the stable structure.

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