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Barrier Netting Applications

There are many use cases for Barrier Netting. At US Netting we strive to make selecting your barrier net as easy as possible. Many industries have a need for a barrier net. Whether you are trying to protect hazardous areas in a manufacturing facility to protecting sporting fans from hockey pucks and baseballs. We've broken down our barrier nets into easy categories so you can conveniently shop for the barrier net that meets your application and standards. Our barrier netting categories are as follows:

  • Custom Barrier Nets
  • EZ Barrier Nets
  • Knotless & Knotted Barrier Nets
  • Sports Barrier Nets
  • Warehouse & Loading Dock Safety Nets
  • Pallet Rack Safety Barrier Nets

Custom Barrier Nets

Custom netting barriers can be most often found in company warehouses, amusement parks, and retail spaces. Bright colors are often used to signify areas of concern, and high visibility orange and red colors for dangerous areas. We offer a wide range of materials, fastening methods, mesh sizes, colors, and more so that you can build the proper barrier net for your application.

EZ Barrier

EZ Barrier netting is an excellent and easy to install barrier net that protects personnel, inventory, hazardous areas, and any location in need of protection. Choose color and mesh sizes to construct a custom EZ Barrier net. These nets are extremely versatile with a UV resistant and rot resistant polyester material with fastening straps.

Knotless and Knotted Barrier Nets

We carry custom fabricated safety barrier nets hand made in the USA for your application. Our safety barrier netting is cut to order, with either knotless or knotted netting. These nets come in a vast array of tensile strengths, perfect for whatever you are looking to keep safe. Multiple border options are available for your custom barrier net.

Sports Barrier Nets

We carry a wide selection of sports netting barriers for all applications including spectator safety nets, golf barrier nets, foul ball containment, driving range nets and enclosed practice or training areas. All barrier nets are available with rope or webbing borders. Cable, snap hooks and additional lines for installation are also available.

Warehouse & Dock Safety Barrier Nets

When you pair up steel bollards with polyester webbing, you get superior strength. Configure steel bollards, wall brackets and our polyester webbing to configure the safety area you need. Protect valuable and critical equipment, or protect personnel from hazards with our Warehouse Barrier Net Systems. Combines Wall mounting brackets and posts to surround areas with safety. Each system can be tailored to your needs, whether areas in need of protection are corners, along walls, or islands.

Pallet Rack Safety Barrier Nets

Prevent injuries, protect inventory and reduce costly workplace clean-ups with Rack Safety Barrier Net Systems from U.S. Netting, available as kits for your entire facility. Pallet rack safety nets come as bulk rolls of heavy duty plastic, nylon knotted netting, or polyester netting.

Barrier Netting Installation Suggestions

Click here to see installation suggestions that are the result of US Netting's 30 plus years experience in the industry.

US Netting barriers in use by NASA

Featured Job - NASA Safety Barrier

We paired up with NASA in order to build a very special barrier net. Follow the link to read more about how we helped secure Marshall Space Flight Center's Robotic Lander Test Facility.

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