Environmentally safe way to protect ponds from debris & predators

We offer a selection of plastic netting for pond protection and aquaculture use. Choose from our light duty , heavy duty pond netting and heavy duty netting for cages, traps, and pen creation.

Pond Divider Net

Pond Divider Net

Predator Control Net

Predator Control

Floating Cages

Floating Cages

Bird Netting

Bird Netting over Ponds and Raceways

Light Duty Pond Netting

Light duty plastic pond netting

Excellent choice for debris & predator protection

Lightweight & flexible pond netting perfect for draping over your pond to catch light debris such as leaves. Prevent predator & pest bird access to any area.

Product Code Roll Size Color Mesh Size Price
LDPN 13' x 205' Orange .20" x .24" $577.50
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Separation, Trap, & Pen Pond Netting

Aquaculture pen netting

Aquaculture Pen Netting

This aquaculture netting is a model of heavy duty pond netting with a small mesh size perfect for use as a separator between bodies of water or aquarium areas, traps, or pens. Cuts easier & lasts longer than steel netting. Safer due to its rust free properties and smooth edges.

Product Code Roll Size Mesh Size Price
AQ-TR 4' x 100' .5" x .5" $572.25
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Alternative Aquaculture Plastic Netting

We are a supplier of plastic netting to the aquaculture industry, offering a wide range of quality netting products. We offer a complete line of extruded plastic netting, available in both square or diamond shape configurations. We also provide oriented netting for specific predator control applications.

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