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Need a large amount of golf netting? We can supply you with professional quality golf nets in quantities large enough to satisfy even the largest driving range installments. Choose from our series of netting, each with their own price point and all with quality you can trust.

How to Select the Proper Netting for Your Driving Range

Whether it's for a golf club, golf course, or driving range, when choosing a net, focus on these specific factors. First, measure the exact dimensions of the area you need nylon netting to cover. Based on the size of the area, determine the precise strength and durability required for your golf and impact netting. Next, assess the number of people using your driving range daily to ensure the netting can handle the actual wear and tear. Then, select the specific type of driving range net that fits your facility's needs. Lastly, calculate the exact costs for installing and maintaining your golf net to ensure it is an both cost effective and economically sound choice.

How to Choose the Right Golf Driving Range Netting For You

Several items, such as commercial golf netting systems, steel poles, and nets, are required to build a professional golf driving range with padded flooring and high fences. It prevents golf balls from entering nearby areas and keeps golfers safe from wayward shots. As the owner, you must select golf netting with a specific thickness and mesh size to guarantee it can resist tearing, support heavy weight, and last for at least ten years when building or upgrading. This guide will outline a step-by-step process to help you choose the right golf netting for your facility based on specific factors like location and budget.


Consider the type of netting material you want to use for your range. There are various kinds of netting materials, such as polyethylene and knotted nylon. Knotted nylon is strong and long-lasting, making it a popular choice for golf nets at larger golf facilities. Polyethylene is another material that people appreciate because it is lightweight and easy to work with. Both polyethylene and knotted nylon are good options for your facility, depending on your specific needs and preferences.


The size of golf netting matters a lot. It affects how long and costly the poles are. It also changes how many golf balls they can hold and how tough they are. You need to consider your golf range size, the golf balls you use, the enclosures, and the pole height. These factors will help you find the right size of cages and the poles. For example, outdoor golf ranges need bigger cages and stronger poles than indoor facilities do.


You need golf netting that lasts in sunlight, wind, rain, and with golf balls. Look for nets made of materials that don't fade in the sun, don't wear out easily, and are strong. The length, width and heaviness of them matter for how long they last. Thicker ones are better at stopping golf balls and last longer than thin ones.

Climate Resistance:

Picking weather-proof golf barrier netting helps make it last longer. Find a material that stays strong in rough weather like strong winds, snow, and rain. You may want to seek out netting with a textured or hexagonal weave, as this texture can produce a firmer net, which can be advantageous for moisture accumulation. All of our golf driving range netting has textured and hexagonal weaves.


Besides thinking about how easy it is to install and fix golf range netting, a company should also think about how to install and keep it nice. Keeping a golf course looking good can cost a lot, so picking golf barrier netting that doesn't need much work is important. When you pick golf club netting, look at what it's made of, how big it is, who made it, and how you put it up. If the golf ball netting is easy to clean and take care of, it will last longer and cost less to fix.

A Wide Range of Alternatives

Our company has top-quality golf driving range nets for big and small facilities. Each type has a different price, but they all work well.

The Economy series nets last 5-7 years, are rot proof, UV treated, and cost less. They are great for new driving ranges. They have a finished edge along their perimeter and do not include a rope border.

The Pro series nets last 7-10 years, are rot proof, UV treated, and handle harsh weather. These nets block sun and don't rot. They have a finished edge along their perimeter and do not include a rope border.

The Premium series has nylon rope nets that last 10-14 years, are rot proof, and UV treated. Many people think these are the best golf driving range nets you can buy. They are black, tarred, and have a diamond pattern. The Premium series nylon rope golf driving range netting is impervious to water and ultraviolet rays. They feature a nylon rope border around their perimeter.

How to Install Your Driving Range Netting After You Purchase It and How to Maintain It

Owners care a lot about the safety of their customers. Putting up golf nets helps make sure everyone stays safe. But, putting the net up and taking care of the installation of golf nets can be hard, especially for new people.

Proper Installation Techniques

Once you pick the right mesh golf ball netting, remember to note that putting it up right helps it last longer. Putting up nylon mesh netting support is a super important part of getting golf ball nets ready. They need to be tight and held down well to make them strong and secure enough to handle golf balls. Having a pro help you install them is a great idea.

Securing the Perimeter and Access Points

It's essential to secure the perimeter of your driving range to keep golf balls from flying out and causing damage or injuries to fellow customers. In addition to installing high-quality golf nets, consider adding buffer zones or safety barriers around the edges. Also, pay attention to access points, such as gates or openings. Make sure they have secure closures to prevent balls from escaping during play. By taking these extra precautions, you'll create a safer environment for your customers and reduce potential liability issues. Don't forget to explore our selection of safety barriers and closure systems to enhance the security of your facility.

Regular Maintenance

You need to take care of the nets often to keep them working well for a long time. Rain and wind can really mess up them up. Taking good care of them helps you find problems early and stops the them from getting ruined. Keep them tight, fix old parts, and clean them often to make them last longer.

Replacement of Worn-Out or Damaged Net Sections

No matter how well you care for the golf nets, they will break or get messed up eventually. If these issues are not addressed at an early stage, the structural integrity and breaking strength of the perimeter of the backstop structure and the nylon netting can be substantially compromised, leading to increased risks. Regular inspections can help identity deteriorated or damaged mesh sections and provide ample time for replacement before they cause irreparable harm to the entire netting and backstop system.

If you'd like more in-depth instructions, visit our Driving Range Netting Installation Guide.

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