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Premium Pallet Rack Netting: Elevate Storage Safety & Efficiency

Prevent injuries, protect inventory, and reduce costly workplace clean-ups with Rack Safety Net Systems from US Netting, available as kits for your entire facility. Pallet rack safety nets come as bulk rolls of heavy-duty plastic, nylon knotted netting in medium or heavy-duty panels with rope borders, or as 1” polypropylene cargo webbing rolls. Safety nets fasten to your existing racks with zip ties or our eyebolt attachment kits. Installation on your pallet rack is an easy one-man job.

Our Plastic Rack Netting, made from durable polypropylene, offers a tensile strength of 925 lbs and is ideal for standard storage requirements. For more demanding needs, our Medium and Heavy Duty Knotted Nylon Rack Safety Nets blend robustness with flexibility, ensuring that items are securely stored without compromising on accessibility. The Medium Duty option boasts a tensile strength of 350 lbs with a 4" mesh size, while the Heavy Duty variant excels with a strength of 1145 lbs and a 3-1/2" mesh.

Opt for the best in storage protection with our varied offerings, tailored to meet diverse requirements. Whether you're looking for the consistency of polypropylene or the durability of knotted nylon, our pallet rack netting selection assures quality, security, and unparalleled efficiency. Prioritize your goods' safety and enhance organizational effectiveness with our premium netting solutions.

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