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Lacross Backstop Netting

For the amateur or the professional. Our Lacrosse netting will hold up to nearly any speed you can throw. Lightweight and easy to install with a rope border. Protect players, spectators, and/or windows. Our netting is constructed to keep you safe right here in the United States.

Lacross Backstop Panels

Netting Details:

  • Mesh Size: 3/4"
  • Mesh Shape: Square
  • Mesh Thickness: 1.70mm
  • Twine Size: #21
  • Strength: 210 lbs.
  • Border: Rope Border
Netting Close Up lacrosse net
Net Size Price
SN-SQ-21-34-1515 15' x 15' $582.01 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-1530 15' x 30' $1,083.99 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-2020 20' x 20' $963.54 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-2025 20' x 25' $1,177.75 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-2050 20' x 50' $2,248.78 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-20100 20' x 100' $4,390.85 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-2525 25' x 25' $1,438.85 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-2550 25' x 50' $2,744.28 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-25100 25' x 100' $5,355.16 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-3030 30' x 30' $2,007.89 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-3050 30' x 50' $3,239.78 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-30100 30' x 100' $6,319.01 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-4040 40' x 40' $3,426.88 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-4050 40' x 50' $4,230.77 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-40100 40' x 100' $8,247.86 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-5050 50' x 50' $5,221.76 Add To Cart
SN-SQ-21-34-50100 50' x 100' $10,176.70 Add To Cart
Custom lacrosse backstop netting
Custom Lacrosse Netting

Custom Lacrosse Backstop

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A Little Background on Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of the oldest sports in existence today. Starting with the early Native Americans around 1100 AD and the game has taken the world by storm ever since. Today groups like Major League Lacrosse (MLL) have 9 professional teams and 230 of the best lacrosse players in the world, best part being the MML only really began playing as a full League in 2001! In the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) plays 61 different college teams across the United States, and many more teams competing around the world. From high school level to professional lacrosse is the sport to be playing

Lacrosse player
Player diving

Lacrosse, a contact sport played between two different teams. The goal of the game is to place a small rubber ball inside of the goal using a small long handled crosse or lacrosse stick. High contact and a lot of padding is also expected at nearly any lacrosse game. Many people even refer to it as "rugby with sticks".

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