Made in the USA

Commercial Custom Golf Netting

Cut-To Order and Stock-Panel Golf Nets

Made of DuPont Knotted Nylon with a breaking strength of up to 210 lbs. of force, our cut-to-order golf nets are designed to perform every time you swing and hit them, making them some of the best golf nets available.

Available in a diamond square mesh from 3/4" to 1", this water-repellent golf impact netting will help take your game to the next level. No more hunting down balls after a few swings. Instead, get your golf practice nets in twine sizes from #15 to #21.

If you want one of our popular stock-size panels, you'll find a huge range of net sizes to order. All stock panels come in 3/4" mesh with a #21 twine size. They'll take 210 lbs. of force and have a 3/8" nylon rope border, so they can handle just about any drive you can dish out.

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