Chicken Netting products are a safe and durable alternative to chicken wire and chain link fences. Our product is rust-free without sharp edges like metal mesh products. Construct your chicken coop or pheasant pen quick and easy.

Siding Net / Fence

Heavy Duty Chicken Coop & Game Bird Pen Fence

poultry fence mesh size

Poultry fence is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and persistent predators. The product has a smooth flat edge. A hexagonal pattern is designed to keep talons from being tangled in the net.

Note: It is recommended to bury fencing 16-20 inches into the ground to prevent burrowing predators from gaining access to your pen.

Roll Size Mesh Size Colors Price
3' x 25' .65" x .65" Green, Black, Silver $57.75
4' x 50' .65" x .65" Green, Black $102.90

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Product Codes: PF-325G, PF-325B, PF-325G, PF-325S, PF-450G, PF-450B

Light Duty Chicken Coop & Game Bird Pen Net

Light duty chicken net

Light duty, economy grade pen netting is a great solution when you need to cover or enclose a large area.

When using the fencing as a siding net be sure to bury your fence/netting atleast 16 - 20 inches to avoid burrowing.

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Top Cover Net


When shading and covering small pens for poultry, we recommend shade cloth. Our custom shade cloth panels are available in many densities for different levels of shade. A wide array of color choices is also available.


Crop protection netting

Cover large areas with crop protection netting designed for use against birds. This crop protection net prevents your birds from escaping as well as aerial predators from entering your pens.

Large area bird netting