Bird Netting

Bird Netting Common Solutions

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Plastic Bird Netting

Plastic Oriented Net

Product Code: LDCPN-79-141

  • Sold in large rolls
  • Great for small birds
  • Weather and UV Resistant
1-3/4 inch Bird Netting

Knotted 1-3/4" Netting

Product Code: BN-12-175

  • Great for Larger Birds
  • Easy Install with Cable or Rope
  • Long lasting strength outdoors
1 inch Knotted Bird Netting

Knotted 1 Inch Netting

Product Code: BN-12-100

  • Great for Small Birds
  • Extremely Pliable for Installation
  • Great for Fabrication

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Crop Protection Netting

Large Rolls of Blueberry Netting

Crop Protection Netting
Bird Control Products

Bird Spikes, Expellers, and more...

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