Three Decades of Bird Barrier Experience

Bird netting is a humane way to prevent pigeons, sparrows, bats and other flying pests from accessing areas where they could cause damage or create health hazards. An environmentally-sound solution, bird netting is often used in buildings, warehouses, hangars, barns, churches and other similar facilities.

Additionally, bird netting can be used as a canopy for crop protection. It will help keep pests from robbing or destroying your harvest. Using a bird barrier over a pond or body of water can prevent waterfowl from feeding on fish as well.

Plastic Bird Netting

Plastic-Oriented Bird Netting

  • Effective for small birds and flying pests
  • Comes in large rolls
  • Weather-resistant
  • UV-protected
Product Code Size Price Purchase
LDCPN-79-141 14' x 100' $155.40 Add To Cart
LDCPN-79-145 14' x 500' $406.35 Add To Cart
LDCPN-79-141k 14' x 1000' $735.00 Add To Cart
LDCPN-79-145k 14' x 5000' $2883.30 Add To Cart
LDCPN-79-157 15.5' x 700' $562.80 Add To Cart

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