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What is Plastic Deer Fence?

A great alternative to welded wire fencing is plastic deer fence. It’s durability, ease of use, and other practical advantages make it a superior choice. Due to it’s bi-oriented construction, deer control fencing offers maximum strength. To hold up under sun exposure, the plastic deer fence is UV stabilized. It also will not corrode, rust or rot. Plastic deer fence is a humane and effective solution that does not involve scare tactics or harmful substances. Additionally, deer fence is easy to install and has no sharp edges.

Types of Plastic Deer Fence

Plastic deer fence is available in different duties in order to provide the proper deer fence for your specific application. The most common duties are standard duty deer fence and heavy duty deer fence.

Standard duty plastic deer fence is the ideal solution for protecting areas that have low deer populations.

Heavy duty plastic deer fence is great for rugged conditions that have large deer populations that need to be controlled.

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