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Diamex Safety Fence close up

Diamex is a lightweight plastic mesh fence. Diamex is often used to create visual barriers around construction sites and work zones, or as pedestrian control at fairs, festivals, carnivals, parades, and sporting events. Has a similar look to chain link fence.

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Sentry Safety Fencing Close up

The economical alternative to Sentry Secura, Sentry has a smooth border on both top and bottom.

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Sentry Secura

Sentry Secura Fencing Close up

Sentry Secura offers smooth and safe edges in an appealing diamond mesh design with excellent strength. The smooth borders make Sentry Secura less likely to cut and scrape surfaces in installation and removal processes.

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Sentry Secura HD

Heavy Duty Sentry Safety Fencing Close up

Sentry Secura Heavy Duty is just what it sounds like: a stronger, more durable version of Sentry Secura. Available in green, orange, and black (50 footers). *Also available in Orange in 100 foot rolls only.

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