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Plastic Fence Netting From the Netting Experts

When you need a durable, portable plastic fence for any application, turn to the pros at US Netting. With three decades of experience making nets for twenty-three of the twenty-five defense contractors in the US, plus large companies like Boeing and Wal-Mart Distribution, you know you can rely on them. They'll get you precisely the right plastic fencing every time. In this article, we'll try and scratch the surface of all the plastic fences at your fingertips through US Netting.

As it's winter, let's start with the classic plastic snow fence. How do they work? Simple, they cut down the wind speed, thereby controlling where a snowdrift builds-up. A plastic fence designed for snow control on the highway dramatically reduces the amount of snow needing removal by plows as well as the amount you'll drive through. They also help construction crews working in extreme conditions. Here are the installation instructions, so you'll know where and how to put your plastic fence for maximum effect. Did you know that US Netting also carries the traditional wooden snow fence? Did you also know that a snow fence can double as a sand fence in areas where sand is a problem?

Plastic Fencing for Safety

With smooth, soft edges, you might not think of plastic fencing in a diamond mesh as a powerful safety tool. But think again. From the Sentry LW to the Sentry Secura HD, these orange safety fences (orange, black and green in the Secura HD) stand guard for you. Whether to prohibit people from a dangerous area or hold them back at a rock concert, this plastic mesh fencing is the gold, or should I say orange, standard. And with soft edges, it won't scrape surfaces on install or removal.

A barrier fence is rolled fencing in a vivid orange that quickly catches the eye. Designed to warn people of danger, this cost-effective visual barrier is used extensively at construction sites and crowd control. The crowd control fencing is durable and stands strong under extreme conditions. Available in red, blue, orange, dark green and black, crowd control fencing won't mildew and is UV protected. Get the Beacon Plus model for property delineation and use around utility holes. There are so many ways to use plastic fence rolls: county fairs, sporting events, concerts and carnivals all use them. They're not just a cheap alternative anymore.

Plastic Mesh Fencing for Privacy

Used by golf courses, country clubs, baseball fields and tennis courts, the privacy fence is a closed or open weave plastic mesh netting from polypropylene. It comes in dark green allowing for numerous applications. It can be used as a windscreen or in landscaping as a dark backdrop. Construction sites can use them to block the view of ongoing work and debris.

Temporary privacy fences can be set up and taken down quickly. Great for tournaments; they block public view and wind. You can choose what burst strength you need based on weather conditions and general wear. Besides the obvious applications, you may need one customized. Privacy fences are excellent tools to keep eyes from places they shouldn't be, and US Netting prides itself on making sure customers are satisfied. Whether you'd like a little more privacy in your backyard or the local elementary school wants to block off the playground, plastic fencing can do it.

A Plastic Fence for Deer and Wildlife

If you live in a high-density deer population area, you're going to want to keep them out, as they can be pests. And a plastic fence easily replaces an old welded wire fence. All the deer fencing US Netting sells is UV-stabilized and won't rust, corrode, or rot. And deer fences are humane, practical solutions with no harmful substances or scare tactics. If you have deer but not damage, you can go with the least expensive deer fence netting option. If you have many deer that do damage, you will need the most popular C-Flex or C-Flex P fencing. These enclose larger areas and are incredibly durable. And if you'd like instructions for installing a deer fence, you're in luck.

Multi-use plastic fencing is great for so many applications. Trellis Netting for the garden; bird netting for protecting poultry and game birds; pond netting to keep birds from swooping in on unsuspecting fish; and crop protection netting to keep small birds and other flying pests off the fruits and vegetables. These are only a fraction of the possible uses.

A Plastic Fence Is the Only Way to Go

A plastic fence in bright orange declares to a crowd: "Stand back!" A dark green plastic fence keeps out prying eyes and warns the public there's danger. Used as a backdrop to the landscape, a windscreen keeps it looking clean and bright. Surrounding the coop, the chickens are safe from predators. All in a day's work for durable, colorful plastic fencing. And while it's out there, it might as well stack up the snowdrift. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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