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How to Use Sports Nets for Backyard Training

Sports nets for backyard training are a great tool to help you get in more valuable practice time without leaving home. No need to reserve time at the batting cages or driving range any more to work on putting more power into your swing. Don't worry about loose balls rolling into the street or convincing your little sister to chase errant shots that sail wide of the goal, either. Sports nets can change the way you prepare for the game. Let's take a look at how a few of the more popular sports use sports netting to help athletes improve their skills for game day.

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Netting installed on a soccer goal.

Softball and Baseball Nets

Perhaps no athlete benefits more from outdoor netting than the lone baseball or softball player working to improve his or her game. Something as simple as some portable netting hung between two trees can serve as a barrier netting for tee drills or an effective backstop for pitching practice.

Of course, you can ramp things up considerably to get even greater use from sports nets in the backyard. Search the internet and you'll find plenty of DIY projects that use baseball cage netting to construct a serviceable homemade batting setup. A good quality backstop net connected to a sturdy frame can even be used in the garage or basement to keep skill development going year-round.

Tee Drills Aren't Just for Beginners

Baseball and softball hitting drills can begin with hitting off of a tee into a net. Many players, especially younger hitters, may view tee drills as boring or something reserved for beginners, but nothing could be further from the truth. Major League batters routinely use tee drills to hone their swings, and such a regimen is valuable for players of all skill levels.

Soft Tosses Equal Big Swings

Soft tossing the ball for a player to smash into backstop netting requires more eye-hand coordination than the tee drill, as the player needs to track the slow-moving ball to effectively time his or her swing.

Build a Batting Cage for an Awesome At-Home Facility

Of course the ultimate baseball and softball hitting nets for the backyard involve constructing full-fledged batting cages. Be sure to choose baseball batting cage nets when building your backyard batting cage. Just think of the improvements your son or daughter could make at the plate if they had their own at-home hitting facility equipped with baseball netting.

Backyard Golf Nets

Remember when we said baseball and softball players could probably benefit the most from using sports nets for the backyard? Well, add golfers to that same list.

Golf practice nets are essential if you really want to work on your game at home. Sure, you might be able to chip a little bit in the yard or tweak your putting stroke on the living room carpet, but nothing will lift your game more than taking a full cut with the help of backyard golf nets. So, unless you want to terrorize your neighbors' windows or spend hours tracking down golf balls in a field, you need to take a look at some high-quality golf netting.

We recommend the following tips when using golf nets for at-home practice:

  • Set up as close as possible to the net without it interfering with your swing. Standing too far from the net can allow errant shots to miss the target and put people and property at risk.
  • Take your time. Rhythm is an important aspect of a good golf swing. Don't be in a hurry to hit as many balls as possible.
  • You won't be able to see the flight of your ball when it hits golf impact netting like you can on the course or at the driving range. But listen for the contact. Solid contact often results in a good shot.
  • Along with the previous tip, you can use impact tape to see where the club face is striking the ball. Squared up contact on the clubface along with good sound, means you're in business.
  • Set up a camera and record yourself while you practice hitting balls into your backyard netting. Afterwards you can go back and critique yourself and tweak your mistakes.

Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse and More Sports Nets

When it comes to sports that use a goal, sports nets for backyard practice seem almost too obvious to mention. But, there's more here than you might think. Although you can easily build a simple DIY soccer goal to practice shots and get in some great training, you want to be wary of where that ball goes when it sails wide of the post or over the crossbar.

Sports barrier netting keeps play within the boundary of your backyard and saves younger players from chasing balls into the street. Likewise, hockey backstop netting is strong enough to handle the impact of the puck that misses the goal. Protective sports netting also keeps innocent bystanders, such as younger siblings, safe from flying balls and pucks.

Another good use for "goal" sports, is to use sports netting to craft goals of various sizes to train players to focus on a smaller target to improve the accuracy of their shots on goal.

Basketball Barrier Nets

When you think of basketball nets, you tend to think about the one that hangs below the rim. But basketball barrier nets help keep the action contained to cut down valuable practice time wasted on chasing loose balls

Football Kicker Nets and Throwing Nets

Outdoor netting can also help football players improve their game. Kickers and punters can work on leg strength, while quarterbacks can tighten their accuracy and improve velocity by throwing into simple backstop nets. A ball thrown against a tight sports net will bounce off and serve as effective training for receivers and defenders who need to catch the ball.

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