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Our baseball netting products are designed with durability and safety in mind, ensuring that players, spectators, and surrounding properties are protected from errant balls. With a wide range of options available, we're confident that we can meet your specific needs and enhance your baseball experience.

Custom Baseball Netting

We provide tailor-made baseball netting solutions crafted from premium nylon material. Our nets come in both square and diamond mesh patterns, with a diverse selection of twine thicknesses and mesh dimensions to choose from. Browse our extensive collection of pre-sized netting options, or specify your desired measurements to receive a custom-sized panel that perfectly suits your needs.

Batting Cages

Expertly handcrafted, US Netting's Baseball Batting Cage Nets are made from 100% high tenacity, solution-dyed polyethylene, ensuring exceptional durability for batters of all skill levels. Our knotted construction guarantees resilience, whether you're an amateur or professional batter. Available in two strength options—Amateur and Professional—our nets provide a protective barrier that safeguards other players, windows, and prevents overzealous swings from sending balls too far. Designed with convenience in mind, our compact and lightweight batting cages are well-suited for smaller spaces, allowing for easy disassembly and storage during the off-season.

Additional Baseball Netting Information:

We offer custom nylon baseball netting in square and diamond meshes in a variety of twine and mesh sizes. Easily calculate pricing by the square foot, choose border options, and order online. Standard size knotted nylon baseball barrier nets are also available. View products

Additional Batting Cage Information:

We carry hand crafted batting cages for players of all levels: back yard enthusiasts, little league, and college and professional players. Models available in both square and diamond mesh and a variety of sizes.

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