Made in the USA

The safety of your employees, customers and neighbors is a top priority. In order to keep people as well as property safe from potential harm when it snows there are some steps you can take that will help out greatly! One great way would be installing this wind speed limited plastic snow fence which helps reduce drifts by cutting them down before they have time get too high so less work needs done at once during storms thanks in part because fewer surfaces need cleansing afterwards if any occurs at all due using these little guys around our business

  • Mesh Size: 1-3/4" x 1-3/4"
  • MD Tensile Strength: 130 lbs/ft
  • TD Tensile Strength: 89 lbs/ft
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • UV Treated
  • Reusable

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