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Garden netting can play a significant role in agriculture when applied correctly. Plant netting, like Shade Cloth, is essential for greenhouse operations, protecting crops from harsh sunlight. We offer a selection of shade cloth and other types of crop netting in many colors and degrees of shade. Trellis netting for garden work assists plants like tomatoes and peas by offering them a structure on which to grow. You'll also find other types of plant protection netting in this section, including pest control products such as bird netting and pond netting. Check out our full line of plant and garden netting options below.

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Shade Cloth

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Trellis Netting

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Premium Garden Netting for Agriculture and Horticulture

Whether you operate a greenhouse or farm two hundred acres in the Corn Belt, garden netting can significantly impact your success. Plant netting applied correctly can shade, protect and provide a structure for growth. And being a smart shopper, you know that to get the best, you go to the best. US Netting outperforms other garden net suppliers, in part, due to our manufacture of a wide array of commercial and military-grade netting. Though a different kind, garden netting is produced using the same skills and experience our team earned, making high-quality nets for many industries.

How do you know you can trust US Netting to design and make the best garden netting mesh in the world? Look no further than our customers: The Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, NASA, Walmart Distribution, Grainger, Universal Studios, the USPS and dozens more in government and private sectors. From netting for NASA's Robotic Lander Test Facility to your vegetable garden's tomato netting, US Netting can tackle any need our customers have.

Garden Netting — Multi-Density Shade Cloth

Shade cloth doesn't sound too complicated, but this garden netting is a marvel. When you need shade netting for plants, we've got you covered. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), our shade cloth is 20-25% lighter than other woven styles on the market. The fine mesh features an open lockstitch design allowing water permeation and ventilation yet reducing heat build-up and acting as a windbreak. UV and chemical-resistant, the shade level you request remains constant throughout the shade cloth's life. It also provides moisture protection by reducing evaporation.

Protective and versatile, our netting for gardening comes in colors with different shade properties. The best shade densities for vegetation range from 30-50%, while 70-90% is best for human and animal coverings. You can buy any of the following shade cloths or have one custom-made:

  • Black: Available in 30 to 90% shade density, black has the greatest range of shade values and widths. It naturally resists harmful UV radiation.
  • White: Available in 22, 40 and 50% shade density, white reduces heat build-up by reflecting the Sun's rays. Aesthetically pleasing, it's common in greenhouses.
  • Green: Green is ideal for every application and naturally resists UV light with 70% shade density.
  • Aluminet: With aluminet, you get the maximum radiation reflection on both sides and significant heat build-up reduction. Aluminet also provides maximum light diffusion and comes in shade densities of 30-70%.

Shade cloth is also ideal for other applications such as a tennis court, a windscreen, a temporary fence or a truck tarp. Place it over an outdoor doghouse to give Fido some much-needed summer relief. What will you use it for?

Garden Netting — Durable Trellis Netting

Easy-to-install, durable trellis netting provides high-quality crop support for any agriculturalist or home-gardener. If you grow tomato plants and use stakes to keep them upright, garden nets — like trellis netting — are here to show you a better way. Climbing plants can get the much-needed sunlight they require and your yield just climbed with them. Rot and rust-proof, chemical-resistant and UV stabilized, trellis netting comes folded in a box and is a cost-effective way to increase sunlight exposure.

A raised bed of vegetables can climb a trellis, avoid ground rot and conserve growing space at the same time. Maximize your garden's potential by providing it with the trellis it needs. With 6" x 6" openings, you can easily harvest vegetables from trellised plants without damaging the fragile stems and leaves. A trellis is an excellent netting for your garden.

Garden Netting — Crop Protection and Blueberry Netting

Whether you need greenhouse netting or larger crop protection, US Netting provides the right solution. Birds and insects can be murder on crops, and a scarecrow doesn't always work — even when he has a brain. Use light-duty garden netting to cover entire bushes to protect blueberries, raspberries and many other pests' favorite delicacies. Cheap, weather-resistant, humane, non-toxic and non-corrosive, light-duty crop protection netting is a great way to save your berries. They're strong enough to stretch over frames and other enclosures, too, to protect controlled growing spaces.

But what if you need to cover a much larger area? Maybe even a pond with aquatic life you'd like undisturbed? You don't want to cut a hundred light-duty nets to throw over a whole field or figure out how to cover the pond water. So, in steps heavy-duty crop protection garden netting. Using frames, suspension cables or greenhouse structures, heavy-duty nets are hung to cover large areas. Orchards and vineyards make wide use of this type of plant netting. This is the strongest crop protection netting we offer to protect against birds and other large flying insects.

Garden Netting — Yield Results

In the end, be it a garden, greenhouse, vineyard or small crop, garden netting is an important piece of the fruit and vegetable planting-to-harvest cycle. Crop protection from pests and harmful radiation from sunlight is an important job, and US Netting is proud to take up that challenge. The more protection offered a crop, the greater the yield. And if the crop is your family enjoying a hot summer afternoon watching a butterfly resting under protective shade cloth, then the enjoyment of your life is the yield.

We've done business with twenty-three of the twenty-five defense contractors in the US. If we're trusted with their defensive needs, you can trust us to defend against pests and harmful UV light, too. Contact us today, and let us show you how much of a difference garden netting can make in your life.