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Construction Netting and Mesh

At any construction site, safety is a priority. US Netting carries several varieties of construction netting to protect pedestrians and crew members from debris or accidental falls. Our debris netting is a heavy-duty knitted polyethylene blend compliant with OSHA regulations, and our fall safety nets can protect workers from falls up to 30 feet. We even carry stainless steel netting for the toughest jobs on your site. Browse all our available construction safety netting below.

Our Products:

Debris Netting Panels

US Netting provides custom and stock sized debris net panels. Sometimes referred to as "vertical netting," debris net panels are intended to be used during construction, preventing construction debris from falling on sidewalks and near-by pedestrians. Debris net panels feature a reinforced border with grommets around the perimeter of the net.

Fall Safety Netting

US Netting specializes in custom safety solutions that meet the highest standards of quality as well as all industry regulations. Protect your workers and the individuals around your work site from hazardous areas, dangerous falling debris, tools, and equipment with our fall safety nets. Available with or without a debris net liner.

Debris Netting Rolls

Bulk debris netting by the roll. Sometimes referred to as "vertical netting," debris net panels are intended to be used during construction, preventing construction debris from falling on sidewalks and near-by pedestrians. Choose from standard and heavy duty options in a variety of widths and lengths. Also available with fire-retardant treatment.

Hatch Safety Netting

Fall-throughs are a common problem in the workplace where floor hatches are present. Provide hatch net systems to prevent and reduce the risk of injury in areas with hatch installations. Our hatch netting meets OSHA and ANSI standards.

Custom Barrier Netting

Custom netting provides a cost-effective way to make your workplace as safe and hazard free as possible. We have options for different materials, colors, strengths of fasteners that are sure fit any need you may have!

Steel Netting

Steel Netting is a strong and durable type of net designed to protect large objects from damage. It has the ability not only withstand rocks being thrown at it, but also remain flexible enough for wrapping around boulders or bridges with ease!

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Construction Netting Trusted Worldwide

Other companies may produce construction netting. But the safety netting expertly crafted by US Netting is trusted by twenty-three out of the top twenty-five defense contractors in the United States. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard all get construction netting from us. We count many diverse industries among our customers: Wal-Mart, NASA, Universal Studios, the PGA Tour and General Electric all turn here for their construction netting needs, too.

And when you're supplying all of these customers and many more across the world, you better be reliable, efficient, customer-oriented and make construction netting that's second to none. For the safety of everyone, from workers to military personnel to pedestrians, you can't buy better protection. We take great pride in ensuring that your experience with us will be a pleasant and productive one every time.

Catch Netting Saves Lives

According to EHS (Environment, Health & Safety), an average of five construction workers die each week from falls. How many could have been saved with proper catch netting? If a worker on a building site falls thirty feet into the construction netting made by us, they'll be provided the kind of protection many never have. Our construction safety netting has been rigorously tested and meets or exceeds ANSI A10.11 and OSHA 1926.105.

Each net is made by hand in the USA from some of the toughest, most durable materials. Construction netting for fall protection is made from Type 6, 6 nylon, UV inhibited and bordered with a five thousand pound minimum test synthetic rope. This catch netting isn't messing around! It can be combined with our polyethylene safety mesh to serve as a heavy-duty debris net, too. We also carry hatch netting — that installs in a roof, window, or dangerous floor opening — and custom safety barrier nets in any shape or size you need.

Construction Mesh for Debris

Our construction mesh makes reliable debris netting fabricated panels. Stock or custom-made, these panels are easy to install, have reinforced borders with brass grommets, and are flexible even in severe temperatures. Used for such tasks as:

  • Sandblast curtains
  • Vision and privacy barriers
  • Wind protection
  • Cargo containment

This type of construction netting wraps a building and protect workers and pedestrians from falling debris. Our panels, made of construction net, have added webbing to increase durability and longevity. Even our brass grommets are larger and stronger than our competitors. And with bulk pricing and fast shipping, our construction netting takes a back seat to no one.

But if you prefer netting other than panels, we carry debris netting rolls in black, white and fire-retardant orange (or black with orange stripes) in multiple sizes. Each meets NYC Local Law 61 and OSHA specs and is an easy to use, lightweight portable version of our construction safety net panels.

Steel Construction Netting

Steel Netting is incredibly strong. It possesses the strength of steel with the flexibility to wrap around buildings and boulders. Heavy loads, hard impacts, prolonged tension, sun, rain, temperature and chemicals— it can withstand them all. Here are the details:

  • Incredible strength
  • Available in stainless or galvanized
  • Unlimited configurations and sizes
  • Withstands extreme environments
  • High security
  • Underwater applications in fresh or saltwater environments

With a list like that, steel nets become the alpha dog of construction netting. Available in standard or custom sizes, this metal mesh is capable of many tasks including protecting highways and other roadway work areas by holding back rocks and other falling debris. It even comes in a variety of powder-coated wire ropes, smoothing the feel of the braids. Swaged sleeves make loops perfect for clips and ties.

The Winner: Construction Netting from US Netting

Safety, durability, strength and versatility are just the starting points for construction netting made by US Netting. The winner is really you. Because when you buy safety netting products for your construction needs, you protect yourself, the company you own and the workers doing their jobs. Morale is boosted when workers know they're cared for, and you can't put a price on that.

But we can, and our prices are designed to make it easy to get the construction safety netting you and your team deserve without a huge impact on your business. Contact us to find out more or place a custom order for your job site. We'll work with you to see that your construction netting is in place and protecting your people and property.

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