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Skylight Netting

Our skylight safety netting can prevent one of the leading causes of death and injury on construction sites — falling through open roofs or skylights. All it takes is one wrong step for your workers to harm themselves, potentially fatally. Using a skylight net is one of the best ways to keep this from happening.

Skylight Safety Net kits are quick and easy to install. Simply secure the net over the opening to save yourself and your workers from dealing with an accidental tragedy.

Skylight Netting
Skylight Netting

Skylight Safety Net Features

  • Complies with OSHA regulation 1926.502(b)(4)(i)
  • Covers skylights for fall protection
  • Assembles easily in less than ten minutes
  • Includes the skylight net, a metal frame, and all the necessary hardware

Skylight Net Assembly

  1. Weave the tube through the skylight net.
  2. With the net woven through the tube, bolt 4 L-brackets to the inside frame.
  3. Secure over the skylight or opening.

Purchase Skylight Nets

Item Code Size Price
SLIGHT-33 3' x 3' - fits 2' x 2' skylight $316.35 Add To Cart
SLIGHT-66 6' x 6' - fits 4' x 4' skylight $578.08 Add To Cart
SLIGHT-612 6' x 12' - fits 4' x 10' skylight $883.00 Add To Cart
Assembly example

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