Cargo Netting By The Roll
Roll of cargo netting mesh
Cargo Netting close up

Rolls of Cargo Netting for Any Application

Hundreds of Uses, Boundless Applications

Cargo netting by the roll can be used for a wide array of applications. Each roll consists of our 1-inch polypropylene webbing with 700lbs. Tensile Strength. The 5" openings with surrounding orange webbing and markers at every 12.5 feet make it easy to cut and measure.

Excellent when used to contain debris on any size truck, or on the racking of your warehouse. Bought in increments of 12.5'.

Item Number Roll Size Price ($)
CNR4125 4 feet x 12.5 feet $286.44
CNR425 4 feet x 25 feet $574.61
CNR450 4 feet x 50 feet $1149.25
CNR4100 4 feet x 100 feet $2,395.50
CNR8125 8 feet x 12.5 feet $546.90
CNR825 8 feet x 25 feet $1095.00
CNR850 8 feet x 50 feet $2188.75
CNR8100 8 feet x 100 feet $4552.90
CNR1215 12 feet x 12.5 feet $863.50
CNR1225 12 feet x 25 feet $1645.90
CNR1250 12 feet x 50 feet $3291.75
CNR12100 12 feet x 100 feet $6600.00

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Connect multiple nets together with our 1/4" quick links and fasten with our snap hooks.

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