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Guardrail Safety Netting


Product Description

OSHA 1926.500-Subpart M requires guardrail and toeboard systems on all open-sided floors, platforms, runways, wall openings, holes, roofs, excavations, and machinery areas. Additionally, when equipment or materials are piled higher than the top edge of a standard toeboard, debris netting must be installed from the top rail to deck level to provide overhead protection for employees working below.


Our personnel safety nets have been tested to meet or exceed ANSI A10.11 (dated 2010), meet OSHA 1926.105 requirements, and NYC Local Law 61 including Reference Standard 19-4 10.8 & 10.9.

Fire Retardant Standard

  • NFPA 701 Method II Large Scale 2010
  • Boston Fire Marshall Classification Fire Test 1x1

Installation Example

Debris installation

Click image to enlarge. Diagram shown only as an example, please check your local regulations for installation instructions.

The U.S. Netting Solution

Our guardrail/toeboard system is designed to provide superior personnel AND debris safety. When properly installed from a compliant required top-rail and secured directly to deck level, our netting satisfies OSHA requirements for mid-rail and toeboard fall protection, in addition to overhead protection against debris.

Guardrail netting examples

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