Other diameters and spools of 600-ft. or 1,200-ft. are available by special order. Please call: 1-800-455-5167 or e-mail your request.

12 Strand, Single Braid Kevlar™ Rope

Kevlar™ Braid Close Up

Product Details:

Great strength, smooth surface, abrasion resistant, will not twist, will not unravel, and will absorb water.

Kevlar™ rope has heat resistance properties and doesn't begin to lose strength until 320 degrees farenheit.

12 Strand, Single Braid Kevlar™ Rope Spools - 600 Foot

Diameter(in) Tensile Strength Price Per Spool
1/8 2,100 $413
1/4 9,500 $1,147
3/8 17,800 $2,631
1/2 31,000 $4,342

Order 12 Strand, Single Braid Kevlar™ Rope By The Spool

Kevlar™ Core / Diamond Braid Kevlar™ Rope

Kevlar™ Diamond Braid

Product Details:

High strength, extremely durable, excellent resistance to rot or mildew

1/8" diamond braid polyester with Kevlar™ core. Also known as string line, sensor line and paving line. Kevlar™ is used in low stretch applications.

Order 1000 ft. Spool of Diamond Braid Kevlar™

Diameter (in) Tensile Strength Length Price
1/8 466 1,000-ft. Spool $446.25