Cable Pulling Tape and Twine

Polyester Pull Tape

Check out our selction of polyester pull tape and cable pulling twine below. Our pull tape is made from woven polyester and available in diameters from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch and tensile strengths from 1,250 pounds to 2,500 pounds and lengths from 3,000 feet to 5,000 feet. Our cable pull twine is for light duty applications wih a 210 pound tensile strength and is available in convienient buckets of 6,500 feet.

Woven Polyester Heavy-Duty

Product Details

Polyester pull tape with high tensile strength that can be blown or pulled through conduit.

  • High tensile strength, low stretch
  • Printed sequential footage markings for accurate measurements
  • Easily blown through conduit or ducts

Woven Polyester Heavy-Duty Cable Pulling Tape

Diameter (in) Tensile Strength Length (ft) Price
1/2 1,250 3,000 $535.50
1/2 1,250 5,000 $876.75
5/8 1,800 3,000 $656.25
5/8 1,800 5,000 $1,097.25
3/4 2,500 3,000 $945.00
3/4 2,500 5,000 $1,638.00

Over Woven Polyester Cable Tape

Sprial Wrapped Light Duty Cable Pulling Twine

Pull Twine

Spiral Wrapped Light Duty Cable Pulling Twine

Ideal for many types of pulls, including pulling rope through conduit.

  • Will not rot, mildew or rust
  • Can be left in conduit for future use
  • Ships in plastic pail for ease of use and storage
  • 210 lb. Tensile Strength


Price: $288.75

6,500 feet per bucket

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