An Overview of Mosquito Netting

Raw Mosquito Net By The Foot

white and olive drab mosquito netting
Item No. Width Price Per Foot
MQ-162 162 Inches $7.34

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  • Nylon No-see-um Grade Netting
  • Approximately 1,200 holes per inch
  • High transparency
  • Fire retardant
  • Available Colors:
  • Olive Drab Green
  • White

Mosquito Net Coverings

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Quick Facts

  • High desnsity no-see-um grade
  • Approximately 1,200 holes per inch
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Fire Retardent

Cover your picnic table or cover yourself on a overnight camping trip. Our mosquito netting coverings are ready for nearly every type of mosquito protection. It's lightweight and compact design makes for the perfect gadget or gift.

Economy Mosquito Curtains

Olive drab mosquito netting panel

The Economy Mosquito Curtains have a 1-inch webbing border and grommets at each corner as well as being spaced out every 12 inches along the sides of your curtain (at least 3 grommets per side for sheets smaller then 12 inches).

Protect your porch, garage or, tent by attaching the panels. Best methods are with zip ties, bungee cables, or screws and washers. (NOTE: Hardware not included).

Item No. Color Price Per Square Foot
MQ-C-WHT White (Nylon) $3.15
MQ-C-G Olive Drab Green $3.15

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Quick Facts
  • Material: High Grade no-see-um netting
  • Reinforced 1-inch Polypropylene Webbing Border
  • Grommets at each corner and spaced every 12-inches

Premium Mosquito Curtains

Mosquito screen panel in olive drab

Premium Mosquito Curtains contain a 2-inch webbing border (compared to the 1-inch on the economy curtains). This gives the curtain a lot more durability and ability.

Along with the stronger webbing, the Premium Curtain comes with an optional hook and loop fastening strip on one edge for easy set up and tear down. The fastening strip also gives a tight seal when hanging your curtains quickly.

Screen in your garage, patio, or just replace the old ones. This mosquito curtain has you covered.

Item No. Option Price Per Square Foot
MQ-CP Standard 2-inch webbing w/ grommets $3.78
MQ-CPV W/ heavy-duty hook & loop attachment on one side $4.54

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Quick Facts:
  • Material: High Grade no-see-um netting
  • Reinforced 2-inch Black Polypropylene Webbing Border
  • Grommets at each corner and spaced every 12-inches

Mosquito Netting Rolls

Need larger quantities of our top-quality mosquito screening?

US Netting stocks 162" (13.5 Feet) Mosquito netting rolls. The netting is constructed in nylon and is fire retardant and available in two colors: white or olive drab green.

Call or Email us if you are in need of bulk mosquito netting.

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