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A Guide to Cargo Netting Material

If you are a professional truck driver, you have probably heard of cargo netting material. However, if you primarily haul items on your own, you might not know about the options you can find.

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Cargo netting material is specialized equipment made to support large loads during transportation. It has special clamps or tie-downs that attach to a truck bed. This helps keep cargo safe and in place, which also helps protect other drivers on the road.

In this cargo netting buying guide, we will go over everything you need to know to help you choose the perfect cargo netting material for your needs, whether in a personal or professional capacity.

Various cargo netting laid out in a truck bed.

Benefits of a Cargo Net

With all this said, it is important to ask — what are the benefits of a cargo net, anyway? Many people think that they can simply tie their load down with bungee cords or other materials. But cargo nets keep your cargo stabilized in a way that other materials simply can't. Here are the top benefits of using a cargo net.


Cargo netting material utilizes flexible fibers (though the blends may vary). You can adjust the netting depending on the size of the load you and the vehicle. These adjustments make it simple to cover everything you need and keep it as secure as possible.


Cargo netting fabric is made from material that lets you see your load either from your vehicle or when you stop. When your load stays visible, you can check on it more easily and make any adjustments as needed.

Ease of Transportation

Using a cargo net makes it easier to transport large loads. You can put together all your things at once and move them in a single trip. What is more, you won't need to worry that they won't be secure since cargo nets are extremely reliable and durable.

Easy Set-Up

Cargo nets don't require a long learning curve; they are fairly self-explanatory and easy to set up. Once you get the hang of them, you will be able to secure your cargo in just a few short minutes and adjust the netting as needed.


Cargo netting makes it easier and safer to transport loads — even large loads — without risking damage to items. They also keep you and other drivers safer on the road since you will not have to worry about items moving or coming loose during transport.

How Do You Know Which Netting Is Right For You?

To know what cargo netting to choose, you need to know the specifications of your particular needs. Take these considerations into account before choosing the right cargo net for a truck or other vehicle.

How Big Is Your Vehicle?

Before you choose a cargo net, take into consideration how big your vehicle is. This will affect the size net you need as well as the options for adjustment. The amount that will fit into a pickup truck bed, for example, is usually a standard size that you can find among cargo net options.

How Much Cargo Are You Transporting?

Consider how much cargo you will be transporting and what it is. This will affect how durable you need the netting to be. This, of course, is related to the material from which it is made to ensure that it can adequately support your items.

How Will The Net Be Secured?

There are several ways that cargo nets are secured to vehicles. These are usually either hooks, carabiners, or straps. Pickup truck cargo nets usually attach via hooks or clips, but options vary based on your truck bed and existing hardware.

Types Of Cargo Nets

There are a few different types of cargo nets. It is essential to educate yourself on what is available to make the best decision for your needs.

Truck Bed Cargo Net

As the name implies, a truck cargo net goes over the bed of a pickup truck. They keep truck bed loads in place, usually with a combination of straps and carabiners to keep them secure. Cargo nets for truck owners are often tougher than in-vehicle nets; they need to weather the elements and withstand UV rays.

Mesh-Reinforced Cargo Netting Fabric

Mesh-reinforced cargo netting fabric is made for transporting loads with small pieces that are likely to break off and fly away. This includes materials like sand, dirt, and gravel. To keep the load secure, the standard cargo netting fabric (commonly polyester) is interspersed with mesh to seal the gaps.

E-Track Cargo Netting Material

E-track cargo netting material is made for flatbed trailers to keep smaller loads from shifting in the vehicle. If your cargo doesn't fill the vehicle, these nets can help hold it in place.

Other Considerations

Another good thing to consider is the cargo net material. This is directly related to how strong and durable the netting is and whether it can provide enough support for the cargo type and amount you plan on transporting.


Most cargo nets are made from polyester, though some are made from polyester reinforced with mesh. This material is durable enough for most cargo.


If you are transporting heavier cargo, you may want to consider using a canvas cargo net. This is thicker and more durable than polyester.

UV-Protected Materials

Many cargo nets feature UV-protected materials. This ensures that they won't fray, weaken, or wear away during long hours in the heat and the sun.

Where Can I Buy Cargo Netting?

Whether you are transporting cargo for professional or personal use, US Netting has a range of options for all your needs. These include cargo nets of every material, and size, including custom cargo netting to fit any vehicle or scenario. Whatever you need to secure and protect, US Netting has the solution. Order cargo netting material from US Netting today or request a free quote to build a custom net with your ideal cargo netting fabric.

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