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Use a Mosquito Net So They Don't Bug Your Next Big Adventure

You did it. You planned your next great outdoor adventure. But whether you've decided to hike the Appalachian Trail or host a family barbecue, you have to consider the elements. One of those elements? Annoying mosquitos. Learn why mosquito netting is a must-have for any outdoor escapade.

By US Netting
Mosquito netting installed on some poles.

Tent or Hammock with Mosquito Net for Sleeping Outside

There's nothing that brings you closer to nature than spending a cozy night gazing at the stars. If you've ever spent time under the stars waxing poetic, you know that taking in our universe can help you see just how small we are in comparison to the world around us. If you want to spend the night sleeping under the stars, however, it can also show you that something even smaller than us — mosquitoes — can have a huge impact on our mood. For that reason, we highly recommend a pop-up mosquito net to keep you in your transcendental state. You can set up your sleeping bag on the ground, tuck yourself in and fall asleep dreaming about your future. And if sleeping in a hammock is more your speed, consider a swinging hammock with mosquito net to help make sure you get your zzz's.

Cookouts and Backyard Get-Togethers

You've patiently waited all winter, and it's finally time to show off your grill skills. You've invited over all of your favorite people and even taken your Grill Master apron out of retirement. Everyone is bringing their favorite pot-luck side dish, and you know that nothing's going to stop this day from being perfect. Except that everyone wants to go inside as soon as they arrive because the bugs are horrible. What to do? Install a patio mosquito net or have your guests sit under a gazebo with mosquito net. These not only let your friends and family stay outside in a bug-free zone, but also ensure that no one has to worry if there's bug spray in Grandma's potato salad. And, if people are going in and out of the house frequently via a sliding door that — let's face it — no one ever remembers to close, consider adding a mosquito door net so no bugs come into the house, either.

Mosquito Net for Camping

So, you've finally convinced the family that camping is the best vacation idea ever. No electronics. No contact with the outside world. Just you, your family, mother nature, a tent you're mostly confident you can assemble by yourself and...mosquitoes. If you want to squash the bug complaints before they even begin, make sure you pack the right gear, including a mosquito net for camping. Mosquito nets are actually quite portable — whether you're looking for a pop-up mosquito net to go around the picnic table or a mosquito net tent to help ensure a good night's sleep, this must-have is compact enough to fit into any of your bags of camping gear.

Insect Netting for Your Garden

Picture it: You've spent months taking care of your garden. You have the perfect amount of sunlight, the perfect amount of water, the good (and pricey) fertilizers...all because your secret to winning the local chili cook-off year after year is that you use your home grown, pesticide-free vine tomatoes. It's the big day. You head outside to pick the perfect bunch only to see your tomatoes have all been infested with ants and mites. Insect netting is your best option for making sure pests don't enjoy your garden before you have a chance to. It's incredibly versatile to farmers because it comes in sizes with holes small enough to keep all insects, including mosquitoes, away from your garden. It takes a little planning and measuring, but once you use it, you can re-use it season after season to make sure only you and your family are enjoying the fruits and vegetables of your labor.

Mosquito Head Net While Hiking or Climbing

There's a remote city in Alaska called McCarthy that is smack dab in the middle of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. You can go ice climbing on the nearby Kennicott Glacier and then take a small hiking trail down to McCarthy to swap stories with the one of the 40 locals that live there year round. But the hike is honestly a lot harder than the ice climbing because the mosquitoes are relentless. Sure, you can spray some bug spray, but do you really want that near your eyes, nose and mouth? Enter the mosquito head net. This handy invention drapes down from a hat so you don't have to worry about bugs going up your nose or biting your cheeks.

A Mosquito Net Is Your Guarantee Insects Don't Bug You

The battle of human versus nature is ongoing. But in the battle of human versus mosquito, show them who's boss by being prepared with the right mosquito net for your next outdoor adventure. Let US Netting help you spend less time scratching bug bites when you've only scratched the surface of the great outdoors!

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