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Protect the Fruits of Your Labor with Bird Netting for Garden Enthusiasts & Professionals

Birds and other flying pests, like bats, can cause damage and create a health hazard to your personal garden or crops on your property. Protect all the time, hard work and money you have put into your plants and crops with bird netting for gardens. Bird nets are the perfect solution for preserving the fruits of your labor without harming any birds or flying pests that might try to rob your harvest. With over three decades of experience helping customers protect their gardens, vineyards and orchards with our plastic-oriented bird netting, US Netting can work closely with you to find a small or large scale bird netting solution that meets the demands of your project.

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Close up of bird netting being used to protect blueberries.

Why Should You Use A Bird Net?

There are a wide variety of advantages to using mesh bird netting to protect your plants from small birds and other flying pests. Each bird netting roll can be draped over bushes, trees or support beams to create a canopy for pest control and crop protection. Here are some of the reasons why using commercial bird netting is an ideal solution:

Bird Nets Are Humane & Environmentally Friendly

Our plastic bird netting is a humane way to keep birds and other flying pests away from your plants without harming them. Before installing heavy duty bird netting, make sure to check for birds and nests in your garden or crops to prevent any flying animals from being unable to escape. Moreover, our mesh bird netting is safe and environmentally friendly. Each roll of bird, garden and crop netting is non-corrosive, non-toxic and chemical-free. You don't have to worry about chemicals, toxins or corrosive materials from harming any plants or animals that may come in contact with our garden bird netting.

Commercial Bird Netting is Economical

Compared to other bird control products and pest control solutions that are inhumane and costly, our large scale bird netting is cruelty-free and extremely cost-effective. Our bird netting for fruit trees, gardens and crops is UV-protected, weather-resistant and suitable for a wide range of climates for excellent durability and longevity. Moreover, each bird netting roll is affordable and effective at pest control which improves crop yields and your bottom line.

Plastic Bird Netting That is Easy to Use & Maintain

Using, installing and maintaining bird netting for blueberries, fruit trees and all kinds of other plants is easy and effective. Our bird nets are easy-to-cut, lightweight, easily cleaned and nearly invisible when installed. Moreover, our bird, crop and garden netting comes in large rolls to make installation simple and easy.

Types of Bird Netting

Our bird netting for sale is available in mesh sizes, roll sizes and colors to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you are an avid gardener looking to protect the plants in your backyard or a commercial vineyard in search of a cost-effective pest control solution, US Netting has the exact type of plastic bird netting you need. Here are some things to consider when choosing non-commercial or commercial bird netting:

What Are You Growing & Why?

The process of selecting the right bird netting can be made simpler by knowing what you are growing and for what purpose. Bird netting for blueberries you've grown in your backyard will be different from bird netting for fruit trees that are grown and harvested commercially.

For example, lightweight plastic mesh is ideal for bird netting blueberries and appropriate for use in gardens. Blueberry netting provides light-duty crop protection while also having the strength to stretch over enclosures and frames.

On the other hand, heavy duty bird netting is better suited for larger areas, like vineyards and orchards. Commercial bird netting is typically stronger to ward off larger birds and ensure crop yields are protected.

Light & Heavy Duty Bird Netting

For light-duty bird netting projects, there are two options for mesh sizing: .39" x .47" and .79" x 79". The larger mesh size is suited for bigger birds and other flying pests. Moreover, the roll sizes range from 13' x 820' to 15.5' x 700'. If you are looking for light-duty bird nets, we carry LDCPN-39-13, LDCPN-79-141, LDCPN-79-145, LDCPN-79-141k, LDCPN-79-145k and LDCPN-79-157.

Our heavy-duty, large scale bird netting can be hung from frames and suspension cables to cover large areas while offering the strongest protection. Our commercial bird netting comes in the mesh size of .63" x .75" in the roll size of 14' x 5,000' and 17' x 5,000'. Our collection features HDCPN-14 and HDCPN-17.

Installing Commercial & Garden Bird Netting

Bird netting for gardens, vineyards, orchards, and other crops are relatively straight-forward to install. Simply cover the plants you wish to protect and secure the netting. Depending on on how large of an area you need to cover, you may need assistance from other people, ladders, support beams, and suspension cables.

While installing bird netting is easy, knowing when you should install commercial or garden bird netting is not always obvious. Birds will not be attracted to your garden until your fruits and vegetables are ready to be harvested. As a result, you do not need to worry about putting up mesh bird netting until your plants have matured. You should consider putting up plastic bird netting while the fruits and vegetables are small, unripe and undesirable to birds and other pests.

Find Bird Netting for Sale at US Netting

Whether you are searching for plastic garden netting for the birds in your backyard or heavy duty bird netting for commercial use, US Netting has the products, resources and experience to find a bird net solution that is perfect for you. Browse our online collection of bird netting solutions and protect the fruits of your labor.

If you are not sure what plastic bird netting is right for your circumstances, contact us online or call us at 1-800-331-2973 today! We would be happy to help you.

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