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Choosing the Right Cargo Nets for Truck Owners

If you own a pickup truck or trailer, you know what a hassle it can be to secure your payload. Not only do you not want to lose whatever it is you're hauling, but anything that breaks free from the bed of your truck also becomes a potentially dangerous piece of flying debris that could be hazardous to other drivers, pedestrians or property. Investing in reliable large or small cargo netting is well worth the cost to keep your load secure. Read on as we break down the options you have when choosing pickup cargo nets.

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Types of Materials Used to Create Cargo Nets

Although the basic design of cargo nets for truck beds is the same across the board, there is a variety of materials available. Each one has its advantages based on the application for which you use it. Below, we look at each type of cargo net to help you decide which material is right for you.

Polyester Netting

Polyester webbing provides a great combination of value and strength. Polyester is inexpensive but very durable. It is resistant to rotting, mildew and UV light, and it stretches less and costs less than nylon. Unlike nylon, polyester also resists water. One-inch polyester webbing has a tensile strength of 6,000 pounds, while 2-inch webbing doubles that strength to 12,000 pounds. Polyester tends to be the best-selling material for cargo nets.

Nylon Netting

Nylon webbing is also a strong material for cargo nets with a tensile strength of 3,800 pounds per square inch. Nylon is not as strong as polyester netting when it gets wet, and it is subject to more stretching than polyester and Kevlar™.

Kevlar™ Netting

Kevlar™ webbing is lightweight, strong and durable. It is an ideal material for extreme conditions, high-stress performance and heavy-duty cargo. Kevlar™ cargo nets are heat- and flame-resistant, making this material a popular choice for military cargo netting.

Styles of Cargo Nets

With so many freight types, vehicle configurations and environments, no one particular style of cargo net is likely to be the only choice for all applications. With that in mind, there are multiple types of cargo nets you can use to keep a stable and secure load fastened behind your truck's cab.

Cargo Nets With Grommets

Metal grommets serve as reliable anchor points to hold your cargo net in place. Grommets are strategically placed to accommodate different sized loads and allow for multiple tie-down positions. Use either nylon or polyester straps with heavy-duty hooks to secure your load.

Cargo Nets With Tie-Down Loops

Some cargo nets use sewn-in loops as their tie-down anchors instead of grommets. Simply attach your tie-down hardware to the loops just as you would with the grommets.

Tailgate and Smaller Cargo Nets

You don't always need a full-size cargo net to completely cover or immobilize your cargo. A trailer net can allow you to lower your pickup's tailgate for extra cargo room and still keep items from sliding out the back. Also, tailgate bed nets can be anchored anywhere in your truck's bed to act as a bed divider or hold cargo in place.


Sometimes you want more coverage and protection from the elements than typical cargo nets can provide. In this case, you'll want to opt for a tarp to cover your cargo and keep it safe. General purpose tarps from US Netting are made from polyethylene, have grommets to tie down and are resistant to water and mildew. They're available in sizes from 10x20 feet to 50x100 feet.

How to Install Cargo Nets for Trucks

Many options are available to fasten your cargo net in place. As mentioned above, it's common to have grommets or loops as your cargo net's anchor points, but you can also tie the net down simply by attaching hardware directly to the mesh webbing itself.

US Netting has a variety of tie-down solutions:

  • Large metal rings attached either to loops or the net's webbing
  • Stainless steel snap hooks
  • Bungee straps
  • Straps with cam buckles
  • D-rings of various sizes
  • Extension straps to hold fasteners

Other combinations, including specialty hardware custom-made for your application, are available. Contact us to see what US Netting can do for you. The Ultimate Truck Cargo Net Tie-Down Kit is a perfect solution for keeping your cargo in place. It includes a polyester cargo net with 1-inch webbing, fastening and tie-down straps with hooks, and a 2-inch high-tensile tow strap.

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If you need to secure a payload in the back of your truck, check out our pickup cargo netting and custom cargo netting selection. Whether you're hauling furniture, appliances, luggage or grocery bags, we have the cargo netting to accomplish the job at hand. Contact us today!

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