Made in the USA

Heavy Duty Decorative Steel Netting

Product Specs:

  • Rope Construction: 7x7
  • Rope Material: 1.4401 AISI316
  • Ferrule Material: 1.4571/ AISI316Ti
  • Cable Diameter: 0.05906 inches
  • Mesh Width: 1.1811 inches
  • Mesh Height: 2.0867 inches
  • Min. Breaking Load Rope: 418.15 lbf
  • Tensile Strength Rope: 256,716.80 psi
  • Fire Resistance Class: A1
  • Corrosion Resistance Class: II

Product Description

Our heavy duty decorative steel netting can withstand severe weather conditions. We welcome outdoor uses of bridges, railings, and staircases. Install this seamless wire mesh panel to vertical poles to create a guardrail system. Promote safety for all without losing seamless style. This easy-to-install decorative net is a must if you are looking for an effective safety barrier. Our heavy duty decorative steel netting combines grit and glory for your perfect product.

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