Made in the USA

Medium Duty Decorative Steel Netting

Product Specs:

  • Rope Construction: 7x19
  • Rope Material: 1.4401 AISI316
  • Ferrule Material: 1.4571/ AISI316Ti
  • Cable Diameter: 0.0787402 inches
  • Mesh Width: 1.5748 inches
  • Mesh Height: 2.79528 inches
  • Min. Breaking Load Rope: 575.51 lbf
  • Tensile Strength Rope: 256
  • 716.80 psi
  • Fire Resistance Class: A1
  • Corrosion Resistance Class: II

Product Description

Our medium duty decorative steel net has many applications to suit specific requirements. Indoor and outdoor railing safety is achievable with this product. With our top concern being safety, the aesthetic appeal this product has is a well-designed added bonus. Installation is quick and easy with long-lasting use. Invest in safety, style and ease today with our medium duty decorative steel net.

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