Our Suggestions (may not work in every case)

The following installation suggestions are the result of US Netting's 30 plus years experience in the industry:

1. Poles

Poles should be set no greater than 50 feet apart. The depth of the poles' installation into the ground varies greatly from region to region depending on such factors as soil condition, type of pole used, cement filling, etc.

2. Cables

The netting should be supported every 1,300 square feet. If the poles are 50 feet apart, a cable is required along the bottom to hold the netting down. A support cable also is required at every 25-foot height level. The upper support cable should be a minimum of 3,000 pounds bursting strength. When comparing cables, it is the bursting strength that is important - not the diameter.

3. Mounting Cables

If wood poles are used, eye bolts should be mounted through the pole facing the inside of the range. Steel poles require that a bracket be welded perpendicular to the fence line facing the inside of the range. The cable should not be allowed to move through the mounting hardware. The cable must be secured by placing a cable clamp through the eye bolt head to trap the cable.

4. Mounting the Netting

As the material is unrolled, it will appear substantially narrower and longer than the actual dimension ordered. It is best to pull the material out to its intended width before mounting it. The netting can then be hog ringed directly to the cable. The top should be hog ringed at every opening and the bottom can be hog ringed at every other or every third opening. If you are using wood poles, it is important that the netting not be allowed to rub against the surface of the pole. To prevent this, a 9 gauge wire may be placed over the netting and fastened to the pole with staples. A 2" X 4" piece of wood may also be used to secure the netting against the pole.

5. Notes

Carefully inspect the shipment upon receipt. Freight damage or shortages must be noted on the carrier's bill.

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