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The Truth About Nets

The simple things in life are always the most complex. Here at U.S. Netting we want to know how much you really know about our products!

Below you will see a few questions for you. Learn something new and when you're ready to learn more let us know!

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Is Kevlar™ rope bullet proof?



Kevlar™ rope may be heavy duty stuff, however it can't stop a bullet. It does not start breaking down until 500 degrees Fahrenheit and we still think that is pretty cool.

Are knotted nets are used for lifting?

Knotted Netting

No! (Well, most of the time.)

Save the lifting for the lifting nets. Even the smallest of items could be a risk when lifting items. Trust us. Gravity is not on your side. We say most of the time because we will customize a lifting solution based on specific parameters for your job. If you want a knotted lifting net we will get you one! Although, do not purchase our stock knotted netting and use it for lifting!

Should I use bungee cable for jumping?

Bungee Jump


Shock cord is not made for jumping off cliffs or bridges. Strong and durable yes but not suited for human use. This bungee cord is used for bundling items that move. Use bungee cable to hold barrels in a truck or even for exercise!

Can I use plastic netting in replacement of chicken wire?

Chicken Fence


Plastic netting is a great alternative for chicken coops. It won’t rust and won’t break down in cold weather and is great for keeping your poultry safe from predators.

Does our mosquito netting stop no-see-um's?



Our mosquito netting is specially manufactured to keep them out and keep you safe. It will even block some of the smallest bugs and pests like biting midges, sandflies and, fruit flys! Also, at US Netting we have the largest available rolls.

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