Made in the USA

Standard Duty Folded Temporary Fence


Product Specs:

  • Roll Size: 7'6”x100'
  • Mesh Size: MD Pitch 1.06” x TD Pitch 1.46”
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • MD Tensile Strength: 891 lbs/ft
  • TD Tensile Strength: 1405.1 lbs/ft

Product Description

The Standard Duty Folded Temporary Fence is an incredibly strong and resistant fencing option, made possible by the unique stretching process of its threads in both directions. It does not rust or corrode making it a perfect choice for outdoor use! The UV treated material will provide you with longer life span as well so that there's no need to worry about changing anything later down the road- just get yours today while supplies last!

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