Truck Bed Cargo Nets with Grommets

truck bed cargo net with grommets
truck cargo net
truck bed cargo net fastening system

Close-up of grommet fastening system

Item # Size Price Purchase
Grommet Cargo Net
52" x 92" $149.99 Add to Cart
Grommet Cargo Net
92" x 122" $275.00 Add to Cart

Older Sizes - Limited Quantity!

Grommet Cargo Net
55" x 55" $149.99 Add to Cart
Grommet Cargo Net
55" x 76" $275.00 Add to Cart

Product Features

  • 2" wide black polyester webbing

  • Working load limit: 1,200 lbs.

  • Grommet hole attachment points


  • 52" x 92" with 8-inch openings

  • 122" x 92" with 10-inch openings

Truck Lifted by Cargo Net

2.5 Ton Dodge Ram Lifted by Our Net (different product shown)