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Tarps for Any Application

General Purpose Tarps for any Application

These tarps can be used for any application. Consisting of polyethylene in an 8 x 8 weave, these tarps are waterproof and mildewproof. Featuring heat sealed seams and grommet holes approximately every 3 feet. Perfect for contractors, gardens, or covering up outdoor equipment.

Extra Large Sizes Available

We now have an extra large 50' x 100' tarp available. This tarp is perfect for covering large objects, such as a loaded flatebed trailer or a building's roof during construction!

Item Number Tarp Size Price ($) Buy
GPT-1020 10 feet x 20 feet $15.18 Add to Cart
GPT-2020 20 feet x 20 feet $30.43 Add to Cart
GPT-2030 20 feet x 30 feet $44.40 Add to Cart
GPT-2040 20 feet x 40 feet $57.17 Add to Cart
GPT-3040 30 feet x 40 feet $87.66 Add to Cart
GPT-4060 40 feet x 60 feet $174.06 Add to Cart
GPT-50100 50 feet x 100 feet $349.39 Add to Cart

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