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Lift More, Stress Less: Experience the Power of Our Extra Strength Cargo Lifting Net!

Introducing our Extra Strength Cargo Lifting Net - when strength, durability, and safety matters!

Cargo lifting net testHolds up to 500lb!

Looking for a lifting net that won't let you down? We've got you covered! Our Cargo Lifting Net is all you need to get the job done, with an impressive lifting capacity of up to 500 lbs. Now, that's powerful!

chain link icon Unmatched Strength & Durability

Engineered with high-quality 1” polypropylene webbing, this robust net boasts a tensile strength of a whopping 700 lbs! Designed to outperform, it offers unbeatable resilience, ensuring no task is too heavy.

flexible mesh Flexible Mesh Size

Our net features a versatile 7" & 11" mesh size that perfectly adapts to secure various loads. Whether you're hauling machinery parts, construction materials or moving packages, our net can accommodate it all, making it an essential tool for any operation.

strength High Lifting Capacity

Never compromise on load capacity again! With our Cargo Lifting Net, carry up to 500 lbs with ease and utmost safety. Its superior lifting capacity means you can move more, faster - boosting productivity and reducing manual handling risks.

efficiency Efficiency Like Never Before

Tired of multiple trips for transporting goods? Our Cargo Lifting Net simplifies your operation. Its excellent load capacity lets you lift more per trip, saving valuable time and increasing your work efficiency.

trust The Trustworthy Solution

In the world of heavy lifting, trust is paramount. Our Cargo Lifting Net provides the strength and stability you need to lift with confidence. With it on your team, rest assured your cargo is secure, and your task is under control.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust our Cargo Lifting Net to meet their heavy lifting needs. Give your operation the lift it deserves with our Extra Strength Cargo Lifting Net.

Get yours now and experience the difference in strength, flexibility, and efficiency. Your heavy lifting days just got a whole lot easier!

  • Material: 1” polypropylene webbing
  • Tensile Strength: 700 lbs
  • Mesh Size: 7” & 11”
  • Lifting Capacity: 500 lbs

What is the material used in the Cargo Lifting Net?

The Cargo Lifting Net is constructed from high-quality 1” polypropylene webbing, known for its superior strength and durability.

What is the tensile strength of the Cargo Lifting Net?

Our Cargo Lifting Net boasts a tensile strength of 700 lbs, offering you unmatched resilience for all your heavy-duty lifting tasks.

What is the mesh size of the Cargo Lifting Net?

The mesh size of our Cargo Lifting Net is 7" & 11". This flexible design allows it to secure various sizes of loads effectively.

What is the lifting capacity of the Cargo Lifting Net?

The Cargo Lifting Net can handle up to 500 lbs, making it an invaluable asset for lifting heavy goods in various applications.

Can I use the Cargo Lifting Net for commercial purposes?

Yes, absolutely! With its strong material, high tensile strength, and large lifting capacity, the Cargo Lifting Net is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications.

What commercial applications could I use this for?

  • Construction Sites: For transporting building materials, tools, and equipment to different levels on a construction site.
  • Warehouses: Perfect for moving and storing bulk goods, the net can be used for shifting stock from one place to another, optimizing space, and ensuring the safety of goods.
  • Freight and Shipping: Ideal for loading and unloading cargo onto ships, trucks, and other freight vehicles. It's particularly useful for odd-shaped or bulky items that aren't easily handled by other equipment.
  • Offshore Oil Rigs: Can be used to transport equipment, supplies, and materials to and from offshore platforms.
  • Marine and Fishing Industries: With its high tensile strength and durable material, it can be used to haul in heavy catches or marine equipment.
  • Agriculture: Useful for lifting and moving feed, seeds, harvested crops, and farm equipment.
  • Military: The net can be used for moving heavy equipment, supplies, or other materials in military bases and field operations.
  • Mining: Ideal for transporting heavy ores, machinery, or other materials in mining operations.
  • Forestry: The net can be used for moving logs, machinery, or other forestry materials.
  • Aircraft and Space: It can be used in hangars or spaceports for moving parts, equipment, or cargo to and from aircraft or spacecraft.

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