Custom Lightweight Canvas

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Lightweight Canvas


Ideal for any product or activity. It is available in both 7oz. and 10oz. per square yard.

Ideal for any outdoor or rugged indoor use!

Lightweight Canvas: Custom panels

Lightweight canvas by the custom panel allows you to purchase fabricated panels of lightweight canvas for whatever application you may have.
lightweight panels

Purchase Custom Panels

Product Code Weight Roll Width Price(sq.ft.)
LWCNV-PANEL-7-63 7oz. 63" $5.99
LWCNV-PANEL-10-36 10oz. 36" $3.94
LWCNV-PANEL-10-60 10oz. 60" $5.99

Adding grommets evenly spaced around the perimeter adds an additional .85 per sq.ft.

Note: Widths greater than 60 inches will be sewn or welded together, creating a seam.

Lightweight Canvas: By the foot

Order lightweight canvas by the foot. Simply choose your roll width and weight along with the amount of length you need and we'll cut it to size.
Lightweight Canvas by the Foot

Custom Length Canvas

Product Code Width Weight Price(ft.)
LWCNV-FT-7-63 63" Wide 7oz. $1.99
LWCNV-FT-10-36 36" Wide 10oz. $1.31
LWCNV-FT-10-60 60" Wide 10oz. $1.99

Lightweight Canvas: Bulk Rolls

lightweight Rolls

Order Canvas Rolls

Product Code: (100,50) Roll Width Weight Price (100ft. Roll) Price (50ft. Roll)
LWCNV-ROLL-7-63-100 - LWCNV-ROLL-7-63-50 63" Wide 7oz. $199.50 $99.75
LWCNV-ROLL-10-36-100 - LWCNV-ROLL-10-36-50 36" Wide 10oz. $131.25 $65.63
LWCNV-ROLL-10-60-100 - LWCNV-ROLL-10-60-50 60" Wide 10oz. $199.50 $99.75

Lightweight Canvas: Fire Retardant and Water Repellent Rolls

Lightweight canvas is also available with fire retardant or water repellent treatment. Rolls are colored Olive-Drab and come in 10oz. weight.
Product Code Roll Width Roll Length Roll Options Price
LWCNV-WR-60-300 60" Wide 300 Ft Water Repellent/10oz. $1,275.75
LWCNV-FR-48-300 48" Wide 300 Ft Fire Retardant/10oz. $1,815.98
LWCNV-FR-60-300 60" Wide 300 Ft Fire Retardant/10oz. $2,186.10

Order Treated Canvas Rolls