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Natural, Untreated Heavyweight Canvas Rolls

Premium quality canvas using a number system to identify specific weights. It is double filled for strength and durability.

Uses: bags, tarps, awnings, tents, linings, boat covers, upholstery, paintings and many more!

Heavyweight duck canvas is also available with fire retardant and water resistant treatments. Please call our sales representatives for more information.

Sizes and Choices for Heavy Duty Canvas

We offer many different sizes and weights of heavy duty canvas. This canvas is also sold in bulk rolls at much larger widths for other applications.

View our pricing charts below to see the available sizing and pricing information. You may also select the size/weight from the drop down menu on the right.

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Heavyweight Canvas Number Duck Pricing Charts

#8 Approximately 18 oz. per sq. yd.
Product Code Roll Width Size Price
HWDC-ROLL-83650 36" Wide 36 inch x 50ft $189.09
HWDC-ROLL-836100 36" Wide 36 inch x 100ft $378.20
HWDC-ROLL-860100 60" Wide 60 inch x 100ft $560.29
HWDC-ROLL-86050 60" Wide 60 inch x 50ft $280.15
#12 Approximately 11.45 oz. per sq. yd.
Product Code Roll Width Size Price
HWDC-ROLL-1236100 36" Wide 36in x 100ft $266.13
HWDC-ROLL-123650 36" Wide 36in x 50ft $133.07
HWDC-ROLL-1260100 60" Wide 60in x 100ft $413.22
HWDC-ROLL-126050 60" Wide 60in x 50ft $206.62

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