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Vinyl Coated Polyester

Product Information

This 18-oz. mildew proof, waterproof, UV and flame resistant fabric is the highest quality vinyl coated polyester available. This heat-sealable is often used to create truck tarps, wall pads, athletic mats, industrial curtains, and punching bags. We sell this canvas by the roll, as well as by the square foot, cut to your custom specifications!

Looking for something specific? Custom fabrication is available straight from our warehouse in U.S.A.
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Rolls of Vinyl

Custom size vinyl coated polyester. Just enter the size, select a color, and add it to your cart!

coated vinyl

Price: $13.47/sq.ft.

coated vinyl

Custom Cut Vinyl Coated Polyester

Select the "Grommets" checkbox to have us install grommets on the corners and evenly spaced down the sides of your canvas.

Product Codes: VLC-BK, VLC-RB

Note: Widths greater than 60 inches will be sewn or welded together, creating a seam.

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