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Installation Guide: How to Tie a Cargo Net Onto Your Truck

A cargo net is only as effective as its installation. But how do you know if you're tying a cargo net correctly?

By US Netting

This article will walk readers through how to tie a cargo net the right way. We'll touch on the importance of pickup truck cargo nets and then go step-by-step through the installation process. We'll also show the various types of netting for truck beds available from US Netting.

Why Do I Need to Know How to Tie a Cargo Net?

Choosing a durable, quality pickup cargo net is the first step towards ensuring the safety of your pickup truck bed loads. The number of different types of cargo trailer tie-downs has multiplied recently, serving numerous industries, the US Military and private citizens worldwide. But choosing your ideal cargo net and knowing how to secure cargo in a pickup truck are two separate matters.

Pickup cargo netting, first of all, serves as a safety precaution. Whether you're driving at high speeds on the interstate or hauling delicate furniture, you'll want to protect your load to the nth degree. Traditional strapping techniques such as paracord, bungee cord or DIY protection netting can be effective for transporting lighter loads with less chance of tip-over or damage. However, it's only with a cargo tie-down net that you cover the load evenly.

At US Netting, we provide you with a wide variety of truck cargo net options. From grommet-based nets to tie-down netting and more, we keep a large inventory in stock along with in-depth resources to help you navigate the world of safety and cargo nets.

What Are the Different Types of Pickup Cargo Netting?

Before tying a cargo net, it's good to choose which type is right for you. In general, there are a few main types of pickup cargo netting to decide from. Additionally, you have the option to buy cargo netting by the roll or as individually packaged nets.

Truck Bed Cargo Nets with Grommets

One of the main advantages of grommet-based cargo nets is their versatility. The number of grommets will change depending on the size and specification of your net, but there's one thing that grommets allow you to do regardless — they will enable you to adapt the net coverage to fit the load.

Choose truck bed cargo nets for pickup trucks with grommets if you regularly haul irregular-shaped loads or have to adapt your tie-down rope method on the fly.

Cargo Nets With Sewn-In Loops

Sewn-in loops on a truck bed net are a tried and true method of coverage, making this one of the most popular types of netting available. With sewn-in loops, you get a lightweight product that's intuitive and easy to tie down.

Loop-based cargo nets are also adaptable and fit most truck bed widths, depths and lengths. With a basic understanding of tie-down methods and knot techniques, sewn-in loops provide a seamless entry point to using cargo nets effectively.

All-In-One Tie-Down Kits

If you prefer to have all your tools and materials on hand and organized before tying down your load, it's hard to beat having a cargo trailer tie-down kit. Featuring an all-purpose polyester rope material with sewn-in loops, our cargo tie-down kits also include:

  • Fastening straps with premium snap hooks
  • Polyester cargo tie-down straps
  • High-tensile tow strap
  • Variable-sized cargo net
  • Stowable bag

Whether you're anticipating a load with precise dimensions and want to prepare with exact materials, or you simply work better with an all-in-one method, reach for a tie-down kit.

Cargo Lifting Nets

Finally, specialized cargo netting is designed to lift the load from your truck with ease. With load capacities up to 50,000 lbs., heavy-duty applications for the US Military and construction industries opt for lifting nets when the loads get seriously heavy. These big cargo nets also work well for securing loads in your truck with a carrick bend knot — they're pretty versatile.

How to Tie a Cargo Net on Your Truck Bed: Step-By-Step

Now let's dig into the step-by-step guide on how to tie a cargo net on your truck bed and how to secure cargo in a pickup truck. The first thing to mention is that it's quite a simple process! As long as you've found the best cargo net for you, take your time and observe a few key "rules," you'll see that it's a straightforward procedure.

Measure Your Truck Bed

It might seem like common sense, but you should double or triple measure your truck bed before loading. You don't want to have the slightly embarrassing experience of overestimating your bed size and having to jostle the load in unsymmetrically.

Estimate the Load's Weight

This is the same idea as measuring your truck bed. The type of net you buy should have a weight capacity that can comfortably secure the load. It's usually a good idea to buy a pickup cargo net with a weight allowance well over your expected load rather than one that verges on being too weak.

Locate the Cargo Tie-Down Locations

Now that your truck bed is measured and the load is weighed, open up the truck bed and locate the cargo tie-downs. Every truck has its own tie-down setup, so take your time to find everything. You may need to install cargo tie-down rails if you can't properly secure your net. Tying a cargo net incorrectly by overlooking a location can result in uneven weight distribution and an insecure load.

Prepare Your Cargo Net

Untangle your cargo net and lay it out flat on the ground. This preliminary step is meant to save you time later. You prepare the net to cover the load and tie it up beforehand by stretching out the net and locating the loops or cargo tie-down rings.

Position the Net Over Your Load

Now you can place the net over the entire load. Stretch it out so that all the tie-in spots are correctly oriented.

Attach Bottom Anchors

Ready for tying a cargo net? Now you can begin to attach the net to the bottom cargo tie-down anchors. Linking to the bottom anchors first is a simple way to keep the net flat and properly symmetrical over the load.

Continue to Tie Down Around the Truck Bed

The final step for how to secure cargo in a pickup truck is simply to continue tying the bottom anchors. With practice, the entire process becomes easier. You'll surely master tying down truck cargo nets. They're an easy, robust way to keep loads evenly shaped and symmetrical in your truck bed.

Tying a Cargo Net Is Best with US Netting

Once you know how to tie a cargo net, it's essential that you find a trustworthy supplier that provides high-quality products. Roof tie nets made of low-quality mesh can easily rip, but with our sturdy polyester, nylon, polypropylene and kevlar netting options, you're sure to find a cargo net that will last for years.

If you're in search of netting, we provide everything from playground climbing nets to agricultural and pest control nets. Contact US Netting to request a quote for your next project.

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