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Netting News #34: The Numbers are In!

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Protecting Backyard Crops

Many individuals have home gardens to grow small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Backyard gardens are an excellent way to help support your family, enjoy an outdoor summer hobby, and to gain a significant bit of relaxation, enjoyment, and of course fresh produce in your very own backyard.

However, many gardens tend to invite some unwanted guests into your backyard, such as skunks, raccoons, and even deer. Like many home gardeners, you may be asking how to prevent such guests from intruding. One of the best ways is agricultural netting.

Three kinds of netting that we traditionally recommend for use in gardens are shade cloth, trellis netting, and bird netting, while mosquito netting or even plastic fencing can work as well. While all of these nets may be found in a garden, shade cloth and bird netting are the best products for protecting our precious crops from pests.

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Manufacturing From Space

Made in America is the optimum sticker for consumer approval due to the ideas of pride and quality that are associated with products labeled this way; however, the future may hold a new ideal label: ‘Made in Space.’ Recently, a startup has revealed new breakthroughs in building and manufacturing products in the zero gravity of space.

Made in Space startup has partnered with NASA and could take the technology that they are working on to manufacture new products in space as early as 2020. The Made in Space startup completed its first test of its equipment in a vacuum chamber this past June. The vacuum simulates the microgravity environment of space and could be perfect for expanding our “low-Earth-orbit economy,” as it’s being called.

As of today, everything in space has been built on Earth and launched toward space via a rocket subjecting the items to a lot of G-force during the ride; however, within the next five to ten years many startups such as Made in Space hope to change that through manufacturing satellites located within the void of space itself, ultimately eliminating the need for constant payload launches.

The Numbers are In!

Construction of a dam

As we discussed just a few weeks ago, the construction industry was recently in a downward spiral. However, in the last week, the numbers were reported for July, and we have good news: the advancement of the construction industry has jumped nearly six percent from the previous month of June!

The non-building sector, or the sector in charge of bridges, dams, and pipelines, is up twenty-six percent from the previous month. A big portion of the increase is due to the start of construction on two new massive power plants located in California and New York. Next, residential builds have increased eight percent. A great sign for our economy is family housing, as it is starting to rebound after months of consecutive declines. Finally, non-residential buildings are down seven percent following the fourteen percent gain last month.

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