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Netting News #17: Keeping Loading Docks Safe

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Why is the loading dock so necessary to secure for warehouse managers?

We have all seen it. Be on Facebook, Twitter, or just scouring the web. Forklift accidents are a serious problem all over the world, for example, the most recent is this one here:

However, here at US Netting, we see how we could have stopped this problem with a small investment. In 2016 according to the OSHA 38 different individuals died in gruesome deaths due to an accident that occurred on the loading dock or warehouse floor. Easily prevented with a secure and safe loading dock.

Three ways to properly secure your loading dock are:

  • Training: Just like any job the more you know, the better you perform. As a manager, the better your employees perform, the better you perform.
  • Update: Not just your phone or the computer in your office but all of your equipment. Rust, wear, and weak links are very prominent on loading docks. I mean when was the last time that garage door had an inspection was?
  • Stop!: Get a barrier. One of the largest percentages of fatal accidents occurred when someone fell off the loading dock or was crushed. An easy, inexpensive fix to protect your workplace.

Finally, if you’re looking for the number one dock safety barrier on the market look no further with the Defender Gate™ Safety Barrier System!

Hiring Spree

Recently Amazon has announced to create 2,500 new full-time jobs at its New Jersey warehouse. This move from Amazon is an enormous effort that has been to generate 100,000 new positions in 18 months.

On top of this hiring spree, three new fulfillment centers will join Amazons existing facilities in New Jersey. Allowing larger items like patio furniture and bed frames to be shipped from one facility.

Finally, Amazon has also vowed to pay it’s workers no less than $10 per hour that is $2.75 more than the federal minimum wage. Giving them a chance to live, grow, and making the company even more enticing to workers.

The Bugs Like Me More

Mosquito Photo by Boris Smokrovic

It’s getting to be that time of year again where mosquitos take over our back yard picnics, but why do they like Aunt Susan more than Cousin Josh? A recent study can tell you!

  • Emitting more carbon dioxide - they simply like people who breath heavy.
  • Sweat. Bugs like the lactic acids that your body releases during physical activity.
  • Drunk Mosquitoes? A small percentage of the study has shown that people who had a beer or three are more likely to get bit than sober counterparts.
  • Blood type! Type O-blood has been demonstrated to be more tasty to mosquitos.
  • The more you stink. Individuals with a larger grouping of bacteria on them seemed to be less attractive to mosquitos.
  • Bug spray. Simple it covers the pure scent of attraction that mosquitos just enjoy so much.
  • Malaria-carrying mosquitos were twice as willing to bite pregnant women as to non-pregnant women.

Finally, the best and most efficient way to protect yourself from mosquitos, Zika, Malaria, or just about any summer bug is with the use of mosquito coverings, be a simple tent or a large patio.

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