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Netting News #14: It's All In the Job

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It's All in the Numbers

Welding Photo by Chetan Menaria

While it may seem like forever ago, in February many companies added jobs at a nearly unreal pace. A definite move away from private sectors and temporary jobs that have dominated the hiring statistics for the year.

In February of 2017 the job market jumped 298,000 jobs. In a single month. Construction jobs grew 66,000 and manufacturing added almost 32,000 jobs across our country. That is nearly 500,000 people that are now employed here in the United States.

This is ideal for the growth of the United States job market, pushing the economy forward and allowing our country to grow.

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Getting Ready for Summer Picnics!

Are you ready for the summer season? From backyard BBQ’s too late night bonfires with friends, but like almost every party a few unexpected guests may show up. Mosquitos, ants, and mothers-in-law just to name a few on the list of unwanted guests.

One way to protect yourself from such unwanted guests is with mosquito netting, Surrounding your porch, deck, or gazebo with mosquito netting will assist you in making your home the place to party during the summer months. However, that won’t protect you from a possible mother-in-law infestation.

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How to load your pick up truck!

Ultimate Tie Down Cargo Kit

Have you ever drove down the highway and had to pass a truck that gave you flashbacks to the movie series Final Destination? That is because someone didn’t load their furniture, material, or moving boxes correctly.

Unless you have experienced this or own a pickup truck that has ever been fully loaded you probably don't notice how much more dangerous that can be. With road debris causing nearly 25,000 accidents. This is a great time to wake up and make sure your cargo is properly secured with some of these helpful tips

  • Wrapping small loose materials
  • Bundle items together
  • Support to prevent breaking
  • Use a Cargo Net
  • Use a flag for items that stick out.

Here at US Netting we specifically have built The Ultimate Truck Cargo Net Tie Down Kit. This kit includes a large or small cargo net, two webbing tie-down straps with snap hooks, two webbing straps with “S"-Hooks, a heavy-duty tow strap, and the all-weather transport bag. This is the ultimate kit to tie down your cargo keeping you and others safe on the road.

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