Realtree Camo Netting

Pro desert camo netting

Product Details

Realtree is known for their excellence in realistic camouflage design, and MAX-4 is no exception. Waterfowl from any region won't stand a chance.


  • 3D Foliage
  • UV Treated
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Rot/Mold Resistant
  • Reversible Color Combos
  • Quiet & Rustle Free
  • Compactible
  • Shine/Glare Free
  • Remains Flexible

MAX4 - Ultralite

Effecting 3D digital Pattern On Rop-Stop Material

Small: 7'10"W x 9'10"L $111.30 Add To Cart
Large: 7'10"W x 19'8"L $215.25 Add to Cart