Flyway Camo Netting

Pro desert camo netting

Product Details

Waterfowl and wetlands are the two things this pattern are made for. Great for covering those hard to conceal parts on your boat or pit.


  • 3D Foliage
  • UV Treated
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Rot/Mold Resistant
  • Reversible Color Combos
  • Quiet & Rustle Free
  • Compactible
  • Shine/Glare Free
  • Remains Flexible

Specialist - Ultralite

Effecting 3D digital Pattern On Rop-Stop Material

Small: 7'10"W x 9'10"L $82.95 Add To Cart
Large: 7'10"W x 19'8"L $152.25 Add to Cart