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  • Full height freight net with cam buckles
  • Half height freight net with cam buckles
  • Full height freight net with ratchets
  • Half height freight net with ratchets
  • E-Track attachment detail
  • Cam buckle closeup
  • Ratchet buckle closeup

Freight Cargo Nets with E-Track Fittings

Main Features:

  • Easy installation into any trailer or van with an existing E-track
  • Manufactured with 2-inch polyester webbing and comes with spring loaded E-track fittings
  • Net capacity: 800 lbs.
  • Available in two different heights: 42-inches or 82-inches

Freight Cargo Net Description:

Freight cargo nets from US Netting give the user the ability to secure loads rapidly by installing the E-track fittings into existing E-tracks.

Each net is 82-inches wide with 8-inch orange adjustable straps to give the user the ability to cover up to 90-inches in width.

In addition to the E-track fittings on the orange adjustable straps, two options for securing hardware are available: cam buckles or ratchet buckles.

ETCN-42 82" x 42" Cam Buckles $238.13 Add to Cart
ETCN-42R 82" x 42" Ratchet Buckles $258.13 Add to Cart
ETCN-82 82" x 82" Cam Buckles $274.14 Add to Cart
82" x 82" Ratchet Buckles $294.15 Add to Cart

Additional product information

Basic Product Usage

Mounted freight containment net system designed to be installed in the cargo area of tractor trailers and box vans. The net system provides protection from shifting loads in the cargo area. Designed for cargo areas with E-Track rails where the rails are 82 - 90 inches apart. 6 E-Track fittings attach securely to the rails.

Maintenance Schedule

Product should be inspected semi-annually by each owner.

Inspect webbing for visible decay, fraying, and ripped stitches. The hardware should be inspected for damage, broken or bent pieces.

Installation Details

The freight cargo nets can be attached to standard e-track rails that are spaced 82 to 92 inches apart.

Net Installation Process

Attach the net to e-track rails by pressing the spring latch on the fitting and insert the fitting into rail slots. Ensure that the spring has latched back into original position after attachment. Tighten the net by pulling excess strap through the cam buckles, or by using the ratchet buckles, depending on which hardware you have selected.

Lead Times and Availability

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Technical Details

Physical Properties

Attachment Fittings
800lb load limit spring loaded E-Track Fitting
UV resistant 2 Inch Polyester, minimum breaking strength of 3,800lbs
Bonded Polyester Thread

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