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Fatal Four Friday: Falls

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Fall safety is the most common fatality in the construction industry. Accounting for 36.5% of deaths in the workplace, employees face this daily issue. These deaths are preventable when businesses follow OSHA requirements. OSHA requirements exist to attempt to protect workers across the nation. As do we, fall netting is available to fit any potential hazard to promote safety. Education on fall safety is essential in a warehouse or a construction site. Workers must understand clear consequences associated with the dangers on their worksites.

Falling from scaffolding

What is a Fall?

Exposure to fall hazards is a daily occurrence for workers in the construction industry. One must understand what a fall is to be able to prevent these occurrences. Fall hazards include anything on site that can cause workers to lose their balance. Fall hazards are possible in any walking or working area.

The leading cause of fatalities on construction sites is falling from upper levels. Injuries occur when a worker falls on the construction site's walking level. These injuries are categorized as slips and trips.

Hazards are possible on any surface, but there are also ways to ensure that characters are safe. Working from upper levels, for example, 10 feet, requires OSHA safety measures. In addition, OSHA provides a guideline on how construction sites can begin to improve safety.

Falling from a crane

Why do Falls Happen?

Falls can happen under the condition of an accident. It is always essential to be aware of your surroundings and ensure scaffolding is in place. Examples of fall hazards include:

  • Scaffolding collapse can injure workers on the structure.
  • Workers occupied and unaware of grounding can fall through a skylight.
  • A roofer can drop off the top of a building.
  • Lack of fall safety devices can cause death upon fall.
  • Wet floors and items in walkways can cause slips and trips.

How to prevent falls from occurring:

  • Protect roof edges, roof, and floor openings.
  • Ensure scaffolding construction is sturdy and correctly installed.
  • Ensure ladders are entirely secure before use.


Fall prevention on construction sites ensures workers are not injured or killed. Whenever working conditions are above ten feet, install fall safety. Personnel fall netting prevents fatalities and follows OSHA requirements for high-level working conditions. Many different types of fall safety apply to different situations. But, no matter the case, falls can lead to preventable fatalities. Prevent the most common fatal incident from occurring at your construction site. However, no matter the situation, falls can lead to preventable fatalities.

Falling form scaffolding

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