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Loading Dock Accident Prevention: Find Your Best Safety Solution Today

Loading Dock

Loading dock accidents are common, but they are preventable. For example, 25% of accidents that occur in warehouse settings surround a loading dock.

Some warehouses do not allow open dock loading doors whenever not in use. This is reasonable, considering such rules prevent potential accidents. This act is not always achievable as warehouses are not always temperature controlled.

When this is the case, opening dock doors for fresh air is more comfortable. Yet, this poses a considerable danger for anyone working near the unprotected dock door. Slips, trips, and falls account for 15% of workplace accidents. Falls to the lower level account for 15% of slips, trips, and fall accidents. Such accidents are preventable with investment in an effective guardrail system.

Installing the perfect solution for your warehouse takes careful consideration. There is no ideal solution that will apply to every warehouse or even dock door. No one product will be a golden solution. Options allow for a unique solution to your unique dock door. Our team has designed many options for your loading dock to make your open doors safe.

The options to choose from that will enhance safety in your warehouse are:

  • Wall Mounted
  • Above-Ground
  • In-Ground
  • Existing Bollard

The wall-mounted loading dock is an excellent choice for those who want to prevent accidents. Such accidents this product can contain include walking or falling off the edge of the dock. Additionally, this application will not stop a forklift. The brackets from the kit attach to the wall and are installed for guardrail safety. But, this is not an excellent choice for those who may need a heavy-duty protective barrier.

The above-ground loading dock combines durability and adaptability. The kit comes with two steel bollards and bollard base plates. The base plates drill into the warehouse's ground but are not invasive. Installers can patch the holes left behind from the base plate drilling if the guardrail system needs to be moved. The steel bollards can stop a 13,500 lbs forklift going five mph.

The in-ground system installation is more complex than the above-ground dock system. This loading dock system requires concrete drilling to fit the sleeves in the ground. Then, concrete must be poured around the sleeve to ensure stability. This kit can stop a forklift, and the steel posts are removable. One of the main benefits of this product, as opposed to above-ground, is

One of the main benefits of this product is the steel cap that provides a flush surface when the post is not in place. This prevents a tripping hazard. This benefit differentiates the in-ground from the above-ground, providing a unique benefit.

The in-ground and above-ground systems provide another special benefit. The steel bollards protect dock door rails from impact damage. Install the bollard in front of the door rail to optimize protection. It is essential to protect the door rails from potential forklift accidents. Door rails are expensive to fix and need professional maintenance. The door rails provide security to your warehouse after hours. Broken door rails will not work to protect if they prevent the door from closing.

The final system is the existing bollard system. It is not guaranteed that this system will prevent a forklift accident. Yet, it is a great way to adapt bollards already installed in your warehouse for safety. The mechanism can prevent falls from the loading dock edge once installed. This will improve warehouse safety.

Every dock door is different and has different needs. Installation commitment and forklift accident prevention determine which guardrail system to install. These two factors determine the specific product to suit your needs:

  • Wall-Mounted Loading Dock. If you desire simple installation. Suppose you do not need to prevent a forklift accident.
  • Existing Bollard Ring Mounted. If you have bollards installed and want an easy safety enhancement solution. Suppose you do not need to prevent a forklift accident.
  • Above-Ground Loading Dock. If you prefer an easy installation and need to stop a forklift.
  • In-Ground Loading Dock. If you want to invest time in installing a quality product and need to stop a forklift.

Every loading dock safety kit will enhance the safety of your warehouse. The design of our dock net kits will prevent accidents for your employees. The depth of protection from accidents depends on the specific product. Each dock door is different. That is why our product design meets every unique need.

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